Enhancing ELLA Part 2: ELLA² for Better Analytics

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Last week, our blog focused on ELLA+, a premium version of ELLA designed to simplify integration with the many third-party tools, databases and autonomous software agents that alternative investment firm analysts use every day. Now let’s turn the focus to ELLA², a powerful end-to-end data management analytics platform designed specifically for large language models (LLMs) and structured data. 


ELLA² Delivers Stronger and More Intuitive Analytics Capabilities 

The initial release of the popular ECI Large Language Application (ELLA) platform in November 2023 brought dramatic benefits as the first secure LLM application for the alternative financial market and other highly regulated industries. It operates as a managed environment for secure, governed and compliant AI, including generative AI. Users quickly realized that the high-quality structured data that ELLA is able to gather and manage can serve as the basis for enhanced analytics for portfolio analysis, market evaluations, trading recommendations and more. 


The hitch was that a user analyst at a hedge fund, private equity firm or brokerage shouldn’t have to have a PhD in data science to perform the analytics needed for the job. To close the skills gap, and help reap more analytics value, clients asked us to develop an analytics platform that can work within ELLA – one that is both user friendly and specifically tailored to the domain-specific analytics needs of alternative investment firms. 


The result is ELLA², a data analytics platform ECI now offers that is native to gen AI and configured for financial firm analysts to collaborate, analyze and make informed decisions faster. ELLA² is uniquely designed to meet the analytics demands of today’s businesses through one unified solution – acting as the bridge between data platforms and personalized insights for analysts and other users in an alternative investment firm. 


ELLA² Packs Three Powerful Analytics Modules Into One Unified Platform

To simplify data and amplify insights, ECI engineered ELLA² as a unified data management analytics platform native to generative AI and tailored to the analytics functions that are most relevant and impactful for alternative investment firms. ELLA² uses a patented semantics technology to make business analytics more accessible by eliminating complex data formats and terminology; and its high performing query engine is designed to handle complex queries and large data volumes seamlessly. 

ELLA² is powered by three distinct modules – Navigator, Lab and Pulse – that work together within the unified data management and analytics platform.  

  • The Navigator module serves as a staging ground to master your data. The module connects all data sources wherever they may reside to create a virtual schema that allows teams to access and analyze data from any platform. The module features gen AI powered natural language data queries and real-time interactive reports, with adding features like masking controls for sensitive data and cataloging processes that organize data by business purpose


  • The Lab module is where seamless data cleansing, formatting and transformation processes happen. Processes ranging from segmentation analysis and anomaly detection to sentiment analysis and predictive modeling are supported by no-code capabilities for data blending, filtering and aggregation. This module also has capabilities for automating workflows, AI/ML modeling and monitoring data quality and business KPIs.


  • The Pulse module is the consumption layer. This is where data is shared and scrutinized for business insights and decision support with the help of intuitive dashboards, charts and other data visualizations ensure accessibility. The module contains a rich library of charts with many options to customize; dynamic filters on millions of data records; and options to share with your external customers. Throughout, data tables and SQL code are automatically generated to support repeatability of processes and demonstrate compliance. 

All these capabilities work together in ELLA² to put more LLM-enhanced analytics capabilities within your reach. Better yet, whatever might remain out of reach from a skills perspective – especially smaller firms with limited technical staff – is something ECI can deliver as a managed service provider devoted to the alternative investment sector. Our client support teams have both the IT and regulatory expertise to support analytics processes and help clients get the most out of the ELLA²

Learn more about how ELLA² helps simplify data and amplify insights for your firm.

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