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DBA Services

Optimize your database performance, enhance security, and reduce downtime with expert Database Administrator services.

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What are DBA Services?

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While most mid-sized firms have at least one person with SQL knowledge, they often do not have—or can justify—the in-house expertise to program, configure, and secure databases in the optimal way. ECI can provide you with the DBA specialists that are essential to your firm's continuing productivity, efficiency, and growth.

DBA Services benefits
We enable you to scale your firm as your requirements change, while making savings to your operational costs. As well as ensuring that your databases and high performing, secure, and reliable, we can help minimize downtime while always maintaining compliance with regulations.

Solution highlights

  • Reduce hardware and infrastructure costs
  • Reduce the risk of capacity constraints
  • Improve application performance
  • Improve decision-making and resource allocation
  • Enhance customer confidence


Is your database affecting the scalability, performance, and security of your firm?

If your database is slow and lacks security, this impacts both your business performance and the protection of sensitive data. Moreover, as your business grows, this creates added cost and complexity that can overwhelm limited in-house DBA resources and budgets. With managed DBA services you can address all your current and future scalability, security, availability, and workload needs.


Improve and secure your database – without the need for in-house specialists
speed up

Speed up decision making

With data that is well stored, managed, and accurate, we help you make sense of available data faster.


Recover faster from disaster

Maintain business continuity after an incident with faster failover and recovery, minimizing the risks of data loss.


Reduce the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks

Implement robust cybersecurity measures to help you improve regulatory compliance and data security.

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Improve your database performance, enhance security, reduce costs, and increase your scalability with access to a team of experienced DBA professionals.

Optimize your costs
When your database infrastructure management costs start to spiral, we help you balance your database needs with your budget.

Increase database performance, stability, and scalability
Increase response times and application performance, while reducing downtime to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

Respond to staff and resource constraints
When finding qualified DBAs or managing multiple databases becomes a challenge, our expertise can take off the load, so your teams are free to focus on growth.


Faster response times, improved productivity

Database Performance Tuning

We helped a financial services firm experiencing slow query time and reduced application performance. Our team analyzed query execution plans and database indexing, identified bottlenecks, and optimized query performance, for faster response times, improved productivity, and better customer and user experiences.

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Reduced risk of fines and legal issues

Database Security and Compliance

A financial services firms needed to ensure it was compliant with GDPR regulations to reduce the risk of fines and legal issues. Our team performed a database security audit to identify vulnerabilities and recommend solutions to mitigate them.

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Disaster recovery plan

Database Backup and Recovery

A hedge fund is concerned about the potential impact of natural disasters on their database. Our team creates a disaster recovery plan, including replication, and conducts regular testing to ensure that the database can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

app development
High-performance database architecture

Database Architecture and Design

A trading platform needed to improve its order execution times to remain competitive. Our team designed and implemented a high-performance database architecture to optimizes the platform's order execution times, improving user experiences, and increasing revenue.


Application Development

Tailored solutions for your specific business needs

Our expertise supports your growth through the challenges of application development.

Managed DevOps

Accelerate application and service delivery

Leverage cloud infrastructures more effectively, to accelerate application and service delivery.

Digital Solutions

Unlock your full business potential. Magnify your value

Innovative solutions that transform technology into a source of efficiency, increased productivity, and a leading edge within your organization.


Lift your IT burden with specialist support

Speak with one of our experts today and learn how our DBA services can support your unique environment.