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Three areas of expertise

What our brand stands for is more powerful than ever. At ECI, we use the transformative power of technology to accelerate business inside mid-market financial services companies. With recent acquisitions of Alphaserve and NorthOut, our services now extend in three distinct directions— managed IT services, cybersecurity, and business transformation solutions. Now more than ever, ECI stands for progress—and your business stands to benefit.


Managed Services

Drive performance higher without the need to hire. We partner with you to provide scalable Microsoft, Cisco, and Palo Alto Networks cloud solutions.



Achieve maximum stability. Proceed with complete confidence as you safeguard vital data and business operations from external threats.


Business Transformation

Advance your business performance. Deepen your competitive advantage by boosting productivity with digital innovation.




ECI has made some bold moves that have paid off; not only are they the leading MSP for financial services, they’re the future in the space. They’re enabling financial firms to benefit from solid offerings in areas like infrastructure and security, while introducing innovative services to drive efficiency, productivity and growth, turning IT into a competitive advantage.


Chris Turek, Chief Information Officer, Evercore

Your Expert Guides into the Microsoft Cloud


ECI has been helping mid-market financial services companies stay one step ahead with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years. We handle the day-to-day administration of your Azure resources, so your team can focus on what’s important. 

As a Solutions Partner, with advanced specializations and accreditations, ECI has cloud experts ready to guide your organization with an end-to-end cloud management strategy.

Microsoft Solutions partner

Our Unique Advantage

Choose a partner with no parallel.

  • Discover the difference that expansive scale and extensive expertise can make in your IT solutions.
  • Drive better outcomes with business transformation services that no other MSP offers.
  • Do more with a single partner that offers an unmatched range of solutions.

Chart an uncompromised path to success.

  • Achieve total alignment with a partner that is fully committed to your success and dedicated to the importance of flawless IT.
  • Provide steady access to the answers you need with 24/7 support, expert guidance, and leading technology.

ECI At A Glance

From everyday applications to extraordinary transformations, we are an all-in partner that delivers the highest echelon of tech-integrated business support. We have earned our reputation as a leading global technology solutions provider by combining decades of industry experience with fresh-thinking momentum to optimize every facet of performance, productivity, and protection.


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Our Buyer's Guide outlines the key considerations when looking to outsource, and includes essential questions to ask a cloud provider during the RFP process.

Our winning approach

Keep today running smoothly with here-and-now technology solutions, while placing tomorrow on the fast track toward progress. Together, we will redefine what success means to you and which boundaries we need to break to get there.



We are active participants in your ongoing success.

Steadfast security. Complete compliance. Due diligence. Where the financial industry presents complexity, we meet it with every solution required to excel. The transformative partnerships we create are backed by hard-earned technical expertise and deep experience that satisfies even the most precise needs of highly competitive, demanding, and regulated firms across the financial industry.



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Financial Services

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We lead the way for our clients to lead their industries.

With deep financial services expertise and broad capabilities across technology needs, we understand what it takes to lead and succeed. We put proactive measures in place and blend technology with humanity in order to deliver bigger, broader, and bolder impact.


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