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Table Top Excercises

Incident response tabletop exercises to evaluate your overall security incident response, preparedness, and recovery plans.

Tabletop Excercise

What are Incident Response Tabletops?

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ECI’s Incident Response tabletop are annual, interactive sessions that simulate multiple real-world scenarios. These exercises take participants through key response steps in the event of an incident, including detection and assessment, escalation and response, coordination and communication, and post-incident tasks.

Incident Response Tabletop benefits
A company’s ability to recover quickly from an expected disruption is directly related with the quality of the preparations that have been completed prior to the event. Our tabletop exercises provide an example of how management teams need to work together to get your firm through a disaster. These exercises help to recognize when incidents happen, how to activate business continuity plans, and identify where improvements need to be made.

Solution highlights

  • Undertake exercises to make you “ready for battle”.
  • Provides management with greater knowledge and the mindset to resolve incidents.
  • Covers all the actions necessary to ensure employees are safe and accounted for, and the business can continue to operate.
  • A method to improve areas of deficiency or where cyber maturity is needed.
Tabletop Excercises


Maintaining operations is crucial—even in the event of an unexpected disaster

In a complex and volatile industry, even a few moments of downtime can be costly. When events happen, they often occur rapidly and without warning. Implementing sound business continuity procedures means your firm can be ready to recover in a moment’s notice.


React swiftly, methodically, and successfully

Improve awareness

Build awareness of potential threats and how they could impact your firm.

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Forewarned, forearmed

Identify areas your firm needs to work on, from breaks in chain-of-command to gaps in recovery processes.

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Peace of mind

React with greater calmness and confidence by being better prepared for the unexpected.

Only 50% of U.S. SMBs have a cybersecurity plan in place.
UpCity 2022 Study
Incident response tabletop


Understand how to respond under pressure and at speed.

Train how you respond. Respond how you train
Simulate multiple real-world scenarios and train key steps including detection and assessment, escalation and response, coordination and communication, crisis management activation, and post incident.

Assess existing resources
Discover whether your firm can utilize incident response tools and resources effectively and validate theoretical training.

See the gaps and fill them
Following the tabletop exercise, our reports summarize the results of the exercise including any recommended improvements.

$43 billion has been stolen through business email compromise since 2016.
FBI Public Service Announcement, 2022


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enhance your security posture

Gain oversight of your firm’s overall security, with valuable insight on how to enhance your security posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify existing security vulnerabilities

Best-of-breed vulnerability management and assessment technology. Our team scans for malware, viruses, and other malicious actions, covering both internal and external facing environments.

Phishing and Training

Actionable insights for continued education

Test employee responses to phishing attacks through controlled simulations, with actionable insights for continued education.


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