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Enterprise Network Solutions

Round-the-clock monitoring of network traffic to identify and address bottlenecks, congestion, and other performance issues to improve the overall speed and reliability of networks.

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What are Enterprise Network Solutions?

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ECI’s Enterprise Network Solutions offers 24x7 Enterprise Network Monitoring and Incident Management, ensuring any faults and problems within the network infrastructure are swiftly detected and resolved to minimize the impact of network disruptions.

Enterprise Network Solutions benefits
Our Enterprise Network Solutions help improve network reliability and reduce the risk of costly outages. Using proactive maintenance, we can help to prevent security breaches by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure. With regular software and firmware updating, patching and network traffic monitoring, we help you reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Solution highlights

  • Enterprise network monitoring platform
  • 24x7x365 Global Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Enterprise ITSM incident management with voice escalation
  • Single point of contact for priority incidents
  • Device based support services on network devices and circuits
  • Proactive maintenance, break fix, and configuration changes
  • Annual external vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Bi-annual network health check, reporting and remediation
  • TACACS configuration for device access
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Network infrastructures need to support business operations effectively

Networks are essential for your firm to communicate, collaborate, and access critical information and services. However, they can be complex to manage, hard to scale, and create challenges around security, reliability, and cost. With the right planning, expertise, and resources, clients can overcome these challenges and build a network infrastructure that supports their operations effectively.


Optimize your network for performance, efficiency, and reliability

Minimize downtime

Maintain high levels of network uptime, even with legacy systems and aging hardware.

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Increase security

Secure your network infrastructure against cyber threats by implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other security measures, along with employee training.

Cost savings

Create an efficient, robust infrastructure

Balance network infrastructure performance while keeping costs under control.

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Continuously improve your network posture to cater to your fast and growing business needs.

Cloud-based network monitoring
Monitor the performance and health of every aspect of your network infrastructure with the ability to identify long-term trends in performance, capacity utilization, and other key metrics to plan for future needs and optimize.

Automated IT service management
Automate incident management, problem management, and change management to improve efficiency, reduce manual effort, and streamline IT service delivery.

Proactive network maintenance 
Identify and address the vulnerabilities in network infrastructure to prevent security breaches, while improving network reliability and reduce the risk of costly outages. 

Consultancy and best practice guidance
Guidance and advice on best practices, industry standards, and emerging technologies to help develop a network infrastructure that meets your specific needs.


DBA Services

Enhance security, and reduce downtime

Optimize your database performance, enhance security, and reduce downtime with expert Database Administrator services.

Managed DevOps

Accelerate application and service delivery.

Leverage cloud infrastructures more effectively, to accelerate application and service delivery.

Vulnerability Assessments

Discover where your firm could be open to threats

Take action to discover where your firm could be open to threats.


Optimize your network for performance, efficiency, and reliability with ECI

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