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Enterprise System Services

Enterprise System Services Solution helps improve system reliability and reduces the risk of outages, and disruption to your firm and its employees

Cloud engineering support

What is Enterprise System Services?

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ECI’s Enterprise System Services (ESS) offers 24x7x365 enterprise system monitoring and incident management, ensuring any faults and problems within servers are swiftly detected and resolved to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Enterprise System Services benefits 
Our Enterprise System Services Solution help improve system reliability and reduces the risk of outages, and disruption to your firm and its employees. Through proactive 24x7x365 monitoring, we can help prevent security breaches by identifying and addressing anomalies in your server systems. With regular software and firmware updating, patching and network traffic monitoring, we help you reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Solution highlights

  • Enterprise server and cloud resource monitoring
  • 24x7x365 global monitoring center
  • Appliance support and patching
  • Single point of contact for priority incidents
  • Advanced appliance monitoring and escalation
  • Backup, and disaster recovery monitoring and testing
Enterprise System Services


Enterprise level tech for businesses of all sizes

There is a significant time and monetary investment associated with handling proactive monitoring in house. It is not feasible for all businesses to have personnel to monitoring networks 24x7x365, as well as access to enterprise level technology – both of which come at a price. Going without ESS is not an option as it can lead to down time which can be extremely disruptive to daily operations. This is where ECI comes in.


Better safe than sorry with proactive monitoring
Cost savings

Cost Effectiveness

Enterprise level technology made affordable

Tick shield

Increased Security

An always on 24x7x365 security tool


Downtime Minimized

Maintain high levels of system uptime

Staying 100% Informed for 100% Compliance


Unlock around the clock monitoring with ECI’s ESS

Cloud-based network monitoring 
Monitor the performance and health of every aspect of your infrastructure with the ability to identify long-term trends in performance, capacity utilization, and other key metrics to plan for future needs and optimize./span>

Automated IT service management 
Automate incident management, problem management, and change management to improve efficiency, reduce manual effort, and streamline IT service delivery.

Proactive system maintenance 
Identify and address the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to prevent security breaches, while improving network reliability and reduce the risk of costly outages.

Consultancy and best practice guidance 
Guidance and advice on best practices, industry standards, and emerging technologies to help develop an infrastructure that meets your specific needs.


Enterprise Network Solutions

Improve the speed and reliability of networks

Round-the-clock monitoring of network traffic to identify and address bottlenecks, congestion, and other performance issues to improve the overall speed and reliability of networks.

Managed Cloud

Build transformation roadmaps

The methodology and structure to build transformation roadmaps based on your needs, environment, and objectives.

Networking & Hardware

Ensure your critical information is always protected

Enable and monitor your entire IT infrastructure for greater security and availability with ECINet, a communications gateway exclusively for financial services. Delivering highly secure, redundant, internet-based communications and direct Microsoft Cloud connectivity.


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