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Managed Solutions

Technology that facilitates collaboration, provides a platform for productivity, and offers access for maximum mobility. Our managed services give you freedom and functionality without having to devote key internal resources.

Managed solutions

OVERVIEW - Managed Solutions

We’re prepared for anything—so you are too

Access your assets and data and leverage them wherever, whenever
We provide you with stable, reliable systems with minimum downtime, and with disaster recovery and business continuity built into our platforms.

State-of-the-art cloud solutions with an unparalleled breadth of support
Our platform is managed around-the-clock to lift day-to-day operational burdens from your shoulders.

Lower the barrier to innovation and improve business agility
We support you to get to market faster and become more easily extendable as a business. We remove any restraints from business growth and modernization.

Better control of costs, with reduced total cost of ownership
Our support and technology provide you with predictable IT spend, along with user-based pricing that can scale up and down per demand.

Stay aligned with IT standards, and protected against cyber threats
When implemented in conjunction with our cyber products, our services and solutions meet at least 85% of division of examinations controls and requirements.


We’ve constantly adapted to stay aligned to the most recent public, private, multi, and hybrid cloud strategies. We maintain a position at the front of development to keep you current.

We learn what your business does, its financial and customer model, and what your data points are to deliver change from a business perspective and develop a cloud strategy to match.

Our combination of technology, services and industry knowledge means that you get cloud and digital solutions that drive measurable business outcomes. 

We own every aspect of our partner relationships. With ECI, you get the best technology, with the highest quality of service and the most dedicated possible support.

Ensuring alignment with standards from ISO, CIS, NIST, and regulations such as SEC, FINRA, FCA, and HCA provides you with the assurance that your solutions are developed with compliance in mind.

Delivering growth, effectiveness, and efficiency


Cloud Transformation

Supporting you with cloud advisory, strategy, and migrating you to cloud.
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

System and platform management and monitoring, with secure Azure hybrid and multi-cloud managed services.

Cloud Data

Increase accessibility and visibility across your entire organization, prevent data loss, while improving data protection and compliance.
Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace

Introduce Service and Helpdesk features, Microsoft 365 management and virtual desktop, with endpoint management.


Managed Cloud

Our managed cloud solution combines the power of Microsoft public cloud tools with industry-leading data protection and security technology, delivering a solution tailored to your requirements.

Cloud Migration

A complete package for cloud readiness, migration, integration, optimization, and management with access to the expert skills, processes, experience, and roadmap for cloud operations.

Microsoft Azure

Azure’s cloud computing services give you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Microsoft 365

Deploy Microsoft's SaaS-based suite of Office tools to boost productivity, connectivity, and security across your workplace—and wherever your employees are based.

Modern Workplace

Empower hybrid working

Deploy the latest and best software-as-a-service applications that empower hybrid working, without compromising security.


Managed and secure cloud services from an industry leader

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