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Application Development

Our expertise supports your growth through the challenges of application development.

App development

What is Application Development?

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ECI’s Application Development enables your firm to build new software solutions or programs for mobile, web, or cloud that provide business functionality. Depending on your requirements, these applications can be used to optimize business processes, increase customer engagements, and provide you with greater business intelligence and more actionable insights. Where off-the-shelf programs might not provide you with the competitive edge you require, we can also develop bespoke applications tailored for the exact needs of specific industry verticals.

Application Development benefits
With close engagement with ECI and using iterative design processes, we can help you overcome the challenges associated with in-house application development and accelerate your competitive advantage in the marketplace. We can incorporate a range of features into applications, from mobile push notifications, geo-location, and offline capabilities, through to e-commerce capabilities, social media integration, data processing, and data visualization.

Solution highlights

  • Cost savings compared to traditional software development
  • Reduced software installation and maintenance requirements
  • Integration with your existing systems and data sources
  • Reduce manual processes and errors
  • Improve data collection and analysis
  • Improve disaster recovery and business continuity
app development


Application development can be challenging

Building custom application can give your firm the edge. But without the correct technical expertise, it can be hard to define project goals and objectives. Changing requirements, integration issues, and security concerns can create added cost, complexity, and frustration for both businesses and development teams.


Tailored solutions for your specific business needs
customer engagement

Improve customer engagement and experiences

Enhance brand recognition and loyalty as well as open potential new revenue streams.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Improve team collaboration and communication with increased levels of business intelligence to aid decision making.


Mitigate security risks

As cybersecurity experts, we ensure your applications and user data meet security and data privacy requirements.

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Combining effective communication, collaborative processes, and technology tools for successful application development.

Close engagement with development teams
Prioritize features, set realistic timelines, and make use of agile development methodologies.

Iterative development processes
We make sure that project goals are clearly defined and met, addressing any issues that rise along the way.

Assured integration
We’ll build applications designed to integrate with your existing systems and data sources.


Real-time data analytics

Portfolio Management System

We designed and developed a custom portfolio management system for a financial advisory firm. Integrating with their existing CRM and financial data sources, the application provides real-time data analytics, track performance against benchmarks, risk management tools, and can generate customized reports for clients.

Track and collaborate

Employee Training and Performance Application

We designed and developed a mobile application for a financial services firm that allowed employees to access training materials, track performance metrics, and collaborate with team members. Functioning on both iOS and Android platforms, the application included chat and video conferencing features.

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Real-time risk analysis

Client Account Management Application

We designed and developed a cloud application for a financial services company that can store and process large amounts of financial data, provide real-time risk analysis, and compliance reporting. This application leverages cloud-based services such as AWK Kinesis and RedShift and provides security and compliance with regulations including SOC and PCI DSS.


Managed DevOps

Accelerate application and service delivery

Leverage cloud infrastructures more effectively, to accelerate application and service delivery.

Managed DBA

Optimize your database performance

Ongoing support for your network, applications, and infrastructure that will keep your databases available, secure, and scalable.

Digital Solutions

Unlock your business potential. Magnify your value.

Innovative solutions that transform technology into a source of efficiency, increased productivity, and a leading edge within your organization.


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