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Modern Workplace

Increase collaboration, improve productivity, and deliver enhanced outcomes through Microsoft technologies

Modern Workplace

What is our Modern Workplace Solution?

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With ECI’s Managed Cloud Service and Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions, we can introduce workforce transformation and enterprise mobility. This is built on a core foundation of cloud infrastructure and comprehensive cybersecurity tools, wrapped in end-to-end managed services that range from advisory and implementation to continual support.

Modern Workplace benefits
Using Microsoft 365, we can enable secure hybrid environments and enable more productive, inclusive, and collaborative digital workforces, with improved ease of management and simplified IT. This helps you improve employee satisfaction and ensure they make the best use of their time to bring value to the business, while future-proofing your firm with increased extensibility in a cost-effective way.

Solution highlights

  • Enable flexible hybrid work models that allow for a better work/life balance, improving wellbeing and employee retention.
  • Apply the Microsoft 365 suite to establish compliance alerts, streamline approvals, integrate order management, as well as manage data and trading workflows easier.
  • Spin-up new business, deploy new applications, and build out advanced data science programs when needed.
  • Scale consumption up and down based on needs and reduce IT balance sheets.
Modern workplace


Digital workplaces aren’t the future. They’re now.

Employees are seeking increased flexibility and mobility options from their firms. While businesses need to introduce new approaches to hybrid work and the opportunities they bring, it must be done with security and compliance firmly in mind.


Mobilize workforces and re-engineer how work gets done

More productive, inclusive working

Collaborate in real-time. Connect people and assets anywhere and at any time.


Secure hybrid environments

Improved visibility across identities and endpoints with protection for devices and data.

trusted relationships

Easy to administer

Simplify onboarding with automated provisioning and consolidate complex licensing.

Tick shield

Proactive cloud management

Ensure your organization is aligned with regulatory standards and always protected against attacks. 

Modern Workplace


Be more collaborative, compliant, and connected with modern digital workplaces.

Improve user satisfaction
Access Microsoft’s industry-leading suite of tools that enhance employee satisfaction and create more cohesive experiences across remote and mobile working.

Liberate teams from administrative processes
Introduce process and workflow automation that liberate staff from menial tasks and enable them to focus on driving important initiatives forward.

Highly secure, right from the start
By establishing the core infrastructure that supports a modern workplace, we ensure security is wrapped around all applications, wherever employees work.


Cloud Migration

Support for smooth cloud migrations

A complete package for cloud readiness, migration, integration, optimization, and management with access to the expert skills, processes, experience, and roadmap for cloud operations.

Managed Cloud

A secure solution tailored to your requirements

Our Managed Cloud Solution combines the power of Microsoft public cloud tools with industry-leading data protection and security technology, delivering a solution tailored to your requirements.

Phishing and Training

Actionable insights for continued education

Test how your employees respond to phishing attacks through controlled simulations, with actionable insights for continued education.


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