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Dark Web Monitoring

Round-the-clock dark web monitoring, alerts, and proactive remediation to reduce the risk of account takeover.

Dark Web Monitoring

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

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ECI’s Dark Web Monitoring service, powered by SpyCloud, the dark web is continuously monitored to help reduce risk from account takeover, by alerting clients should their credentials appear on it. Through early-warning breach detection, proactive actions (such as automatic password reset) can be initiated to help thwart the threat actors' attempts to do harm.

Dark Web Monitoring benefits
By scanning the dark web for login credentials, passwords, and IP addresses firms can identify ongoing or past data breaches and mitigate against them. By identifying compromised systems, this enables the creation of action plans to protect your firm in the future, while safeguarding employee and client data.

Solution highlights

  • Reduce account takeover risk
  • Address regulatory due diligence requirements
  • Avoid deep “after the breach” scrutiny
  • Maintain business reputation and relationships
  • Extend monitoring across business and personal emails
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Threat actors don’t have to break in when they can log in.

When credentials are stolen, such as usernames and passwords, they can be sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. These credentials can be used to gain access to business and personal accounts with the intent of doing significant financial and reputational harm to firms.

59% of people use their name or birthdate in their password. Almost two-thirds use the same password across multiple accounts.
Google/The Harris Poll survey, 2019


Account Takeover is a real and present danger

Proactive monitoring

Determine if active directory, IP addresses, or employee-related credentials are exposed.


Early warning detection

24x7 dark web monitoring for early warning breach detection and notification if credentials are found.

Tick shield

Isolate and secure compromised machines

Identify the geolocation of machines affected by a breach and quickly isolate it from networks.

Dark Web Monitoring


Stop bad actors and targeted account threats.

Easily identify exposed data
Reduce the potential window for exploits with greater visibility of dark web risks and take action against threats.

Technology and human intelligence combined
Cybersecurity intelligence analysts and applied research technology monitor the dark web for activity pertaining to watchlist assets.

Promote best practice
Identify users using the same or generic password for multiple sites and establish tighter controls to protect your firm and your employees.

In 2021, SpyCloud’s Dark Web Monitoring Service recaptured more than 15 billion credential and PII assets—a 200% increase compared to the previous year.
SpyCloud 2022 Annual Identity Exposure Report


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enhance your security posture

Gain oversight of your overall security, with valuable insight on how to enhance your posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify existing security vulnerabilities

Best-of-breed vulnerability management and assessment technology. Our team scans for malware, viruses, and other malicious actions, covering both internal and external facing environments.

Phishing and Training

Enhance your human firewall

Test how your employees respond to phishing attacks through controlled simulations, with actionable insights for continued education.


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