Data Warehousing

Mobilize and unify your data into a secure, scalable and central repository to support more accurate and intelligent analytics for more informed decision making.


What is Data Warehousing?

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ECI’s Data Warehousing provides an end-to-end solution for creating and managing a centralized repository of data that is tailored to your specific needs. Our teams of experts will work with you extract, transform, and load (ETL) your data into the warehouse, ensuring that it is optimized for reporting, analysis, and business intelligence purposes.

Data Warehousing benefits
Our Data Warehousing service is designed to improve the quality of your data, provide easier access for analysis and reporting, and ultimately enable better decision-making based on insights from your data.

Solution highlights

  • Data governance policies and procedures
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Data quality checks and validations (profiling, cleansing, enrichment)
  • Data integration strategy and workflow design
  • Cloud-based or hybrid data warehousing solutions
  • Access controls, data encryption, and data masking
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Siloed, non-standardized, and hard to access data is holding your business back

Disparate and inconsistent data, spread across different spreadsheets and systems hinders the ability to access and analyze information for reporting and decision making. Firms need bring this data together in a secure and scalable repository in a way with the best balance between performance and cost.


Centralize your business logic for a single version of truth

Enhance your decision making

Make decisions based on enhanced and uniform data that has been integrated from multiple sources.


Improve data governance

Bring together disparate formats of data stored in different systems into a centralized data warehouse.


Accommodate for future growth

Be able to scale easily as your organization grows and data volumes increase.



Make better and more informed decisions

Make better and more informed decisions with a hybrid or cloud-based repository that can gather, clean, store, and share data for use by analysts, data scientists, and more.

Improved data quality
Improve the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of your data through data governance policies, data quality checks, and data cleansing processes.

Faster time-to-insight
Access insights from your data more quickly and efficiently through the design and implementation of efficient data integration workflows and scalable data warehousing architectures.

Increased flexibility and agility 
Respond quickly to changing business needs by designing a flexible and adaptive data warehousing solution that remains relevant over time.

Secure sensitive and valuable data 
Keep your data secure through access controls, monitoring for intrusions, and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


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Accelerate application and service delivery

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Application Development

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Struggling to make sense of your organization’s scattered data?

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