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Policy Creation and Management

The documentation for the consistent implementation of security controls and the guidelines for incident response.

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What is Policy Creation and Management?

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ECI’s Policy Creation and Management service covers the creation of documents that formalize the rules, expectations, and overall approach an organization uses to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. It defines overall strategy and current security posture, with the procedures, standards, and guidelines to stay aligned with compliance and respond to data breaches.

Policy Creation and Management benefits
The creation of security policies provides the framework that guides the implementation of technical controls and sets clear expectations for security standards. As well as enabling your firm to meet its regulatory and compliance requirements (for example, to the SEC), policies help to improve your organization's efficiency and provide guidelines for incident response.

Solution highlights

  • Allow internal teams to focus on their business and worry less about security
  • Quickly meet and manage regulatory requirements and alleviate pressure from your investors
  • Meet most of the OCIE controls and requirements, as well as CIS Controls
Policy creation and management


The likelihood of an IT security breach is an ‘if’ not a ‘when’

When an outage affects your firm, what would you do? If you do not know how to identify, control, and recover from attacks your business is at risk. Firms must have effective, formal cybersecurity policies in place to respond to cyber threats.

Only 64% of organizations state that their company has formal incident response plans in place.
Cybersecurity Trends for Mid-Sized Organizations, 2022, Egnyte


The control frameworks for protection against internal and external threats

Total clarity of security processes

A clear definition of what is required from your firm’s employees from a security perspective.

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Simplify onboarding

One combined policy document, without the jargon, makes it easier to get new hires up to speed.


When things change, we change

We treat your policies as living documents and will continually update them as your environment or policies change.

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Meet SEC OCIE policy requirements and update easily with a single suite for all your policy documents.

Your security reality. Not a wish list.
We create policies that validate information about your environment, built on our learnings from security assessments and business impact analysis.

All your documents in one place
We collate multiple security policies into a single centralized document that your firm can readily and easily live and train by.

Quick to implement, with low impact on your time
As your MSSP, we’ve already done the hard work understanding your environment, your controls, and how you function. This makes policy creation a more streamlined component of wider governance, risk and compliance efforts.

The implementation of a vulnerability management program can reduce critical vulnerabilities by an average of 90%.


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enhance your security posture

Gain oversight of your overall security, with valuable insight on how to enhance your security posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.

Vendor Assessments

Assess the risk of critical vendors

Screen potential third party suppliers or evaluate current business partners with a framework to categorize critical vendors based on the risk they could pose to you.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify existing security vulnerabilities

Scan your internal and external networks on an ongoing basis to highlight missing patches, operating system and software vulnerabilities, configuration mistakes, weak passwords and more.


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