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Zero Trust

We leverage our partnership with Zero Networks to deliver secure network connectivity and to protect your firm and assets with adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Easily segment every asset and connect any user in a click with ECI and Zero Trust.

Zero Networks

What is Zero Trust?

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Zero Trust  is a simple, unified platform for secure remote access and software-designed segmentation for any asset, and the leader in microsegmentation and Zero Trust Network Architecture. We know the challenges of reaching zero trust - both with achieving scale and without compromising performance.

Solution Highlights

  • Internally, Zero Trust takes microsegmentation to the next level with full automation, providing a one-stop shop for client segmentation, server segmentation, the segmentation of communications from clients to servers, and most importantly no more manual rule creation.
  • Externally, Zero Trust combines the best aspects of VPN and ZTNA and eliminates their flaws with a unique connectivity service inside the organization that is hidden from the internet and connected to MFA-based segmentation. With this approach, only approved devices that pass a valid MFA process can see the connectivity port to improve performance and user experience.

Key Benefits
This is another step in providing our clients worry-free business acceleration, in a true modern workplace. Providing clients a zero trust, uniform network security architecture, enables companies to pass a pen test, comply with Cyber Insurance and all regulatory bodies, there’s also the benefit of blocking ransomware by stopping lateral movement.

Zero Networks


What is complex to secure is usually not secure

Today's modern organizational network is heavily fragmented: it starts in the homes of employees and spans across on-prem data centers in multiple sites, multiple clouds, and various IoT environments. Inevitably, this has fragmented network security into multiple products and interfaces, making day-to-day control and management highly complex.

Reinvent the way your network security is deployed with ECI and Zero Networks.


Simple, Unified Network Security

Radically simple segmentation in a click

Zero Networks Segment™️ centrally manages all host-OS firewalls and automates policy creation to stop lateral movement – the main step to stop attacks from spreading. 


The speed of VPN. The security of ZTNA. Combined.

Zero Networks Connect™️ connects employees and approved third party vendors to the network using the best of VPN and ZTNA.  

Zero Networks


Segment everything. Connect everyone.

Single, simple platform
Unify the disjointed pillars of network security - segmentation and remote access- into a single, simple platform

Truly elastic
Detached from hardware and geographic location, network security is promised everywhere

Fully automated
Deploy automated and agent-less MFA micro segmentation on any asset, application or protocol

All user support
Custom policies support both employee and vendor access

Optimized user experience
No additional bandwidth overhead for a fast, seamless experience


Managed Cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud operations

The skills and processes for all Microsoft Azure cloud operations, covering core services, data, workplaces, and more.

Cloud Migration

Mitigate security risks and maintain business continuity

Support for smooth cloud migrations, highlighting value-adds, while mitigating security risks and maintaining business continuity.

Modern Workplace

Empower hybrid working

Deploy the latest and best software-as-a-service applications that empower hybrid working, without compromising security.


Reinvent your network security with ECI

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