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Cloud Migration

Support for smooth cloud migrations, highlighting value-adds, while mitigating security risks and maintaining business continuity.

Cloud Migration

What is our Cloud Migration Solution?

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With ECI Cloud Migration, we offer a complete package for cloud readiness, migration, integration, optimization, and management, powered by excellence in Azure, Teams and 365 platforms. We provide you with the skills, process, experience, and roadmap for cloud operations.

Cloud Migration benefits
We can deliver growth, effectiveness, and efficiency to your day-to-day operations through the deployment and management of cloud. We provide you with secure, state-of-the-art cloud solutions with an unparalleled breadth of support. This enables you to access and leverage assets whenever and wherever you need them, with managed services to alleviate operational burdens, while lowering the costs of managing services in-house.

Solution highlights

  • Secure access to your data and assets, anytime and anywhere
  • Proactive cloud management to keep you compliant and protected
  • A lower barrier to innovation to get new services to market quicker
  • Vastly improved abilities to collaborate with Microsoft SaaS apps
  • Better cost controls with more predictable IT spend
cloud migration


Modernize to survive

For firms that haven’t begun their journey, moving to the cloud is a matter of urgency. The need to deploy modern technologies that can deliver enhanced customer experiences and keep ahead of competitors—many of whom were “born in the cloud”—is crucial to survival.


A complete partner for successful cloud migration
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Define your strategy

Discovery processes to align stakeholders, identify gaps in procedures, and establish the business for success.

Cloud Infrastructure

Determine best practices

Customize frameworks to specific needs, set up infrastructure monitoring and reporting, and determine security layers appropriate for a SaaS-based environment.


Track your assets

Deploy multi-factor authentication and create easier sign on experiences.

Cloud Migration


Put in place cost-effective, scalable, and secure environments to support every aspect of your organization.

Guiding your critical decisions
From cost reduction and technology needs assessment to solution development and procurement, we help build your cloud migration frameworks.

Advanced cloud protection
Proactive cloud management to keep you up to date, aligned with standards, and protected against cyber threats.

Technology, efficiency, and security – delivered seamlessly
End-to-end managed services, covering plan and design, build and migration, managing and monitoring, with optimization of the entire cloud lifecycle.

ECI assessed our business and operational goals and created the right strategy for the transition. They explained each facet of the migration, guiding us towards the right approach.
ECI has mastered the blueprint for cloud service migration in a way that’s as seamless as possible. With ECI’s help we can leverage the power and security of the Microsoft Azure public cloud while raising our team’s collaboration and productivity.


Managed Cloud

Industry-leading security

Our Managed Cloud Solution combines the power of Microsoft public cloud tools with industry-leading data protection and security technology, delivering a solution tailored to your needs.

Modern Workplace

Workforce transformation and enterprise mobility

Increase collaboration, improve productivity, and deliver enhanced outcomes through Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft 365

Build and manage your business with the tools you need

Enable more productive, inclusive, and collaborative digital workforces, with improved ease of management.


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