Enhancing the ECI Large Language Application: ELLA+ for Easier Tool Integration


Since the launch of the ECI Large Language Application (ELLA) last fall, we’ve supported more than 1,000 users in the highly regulated financial service industry in leveraging the power of large language models (LLMs). The rapid adoption of ELLA by analysts and other financial industry professionals demonstrates the critical need for a secure, protected environment for LLMs to operate with enhanced governance, search precision and business context. 

As our clients experience the benefits of ELLA, we’re pleased to see continued demand for additional capabilities to streamline workflows even further. At the top of our clients’ ELLA wish lists are seamless integration with a wider range of industry tools and more powerful analytics around the high-quality structured data that ELLA gathers and manages.

To empower our clients with the innovative capabilities they need, ECI has launched two new variations of ELLA: 

  • ELLA+ is a premium version of ELLA designed for easy integration with the vast range of purpose-built tools, databases and autonomous software that agents designed to simplify the financial or trade analyst’s job. 
  • ELLA2 is a powerful end-to-end data management analytics platform designed specifically for LLMs and structured data. 

ELLA+: A Premium Version of the ECI Large Language Application Optimized for Interoperability with Third Party Tools and Services

To understand the value of ELLA+, it’s helpful to revisit our initial release of ELLA last November and consider how it’s already become a game changer for alternative investment firms – the first secure LLM application specifically designed for the alternative investment market and other highly regulated industries. 

ELLA lets users leverage the power of generative AI and LLMs within a secure and compliant framework that’s designed to maximize performance in the financial services industry. Operating within a highly protected digital environment, ELLA can generate AI-driven analysis, market evaluations and bespoke recommendations. The platform ensures AI responses are born from your own data to deliver precise, context-aware answers and recommendations. 

With the release of ELLA+, users can now connect the ELLA platform more easily with third party tools that financial analysts use every day – whether that’s a Bloomberg feed, a pitch book, market research subscription or any other tool or service. Interoperability with ELLA is now as easy as getting the license and entering the right API key to easily connect and pull in data.

Even better, ELLA+ includes advanced configuration options that allow analysts to make nuanced adjustments to their research parameters. For instance, you can adjust the “temperature” of the model to be more creative in exploring multiple probable outcomes, or else stick to a more deterministic analysis for making specific predictions around financial activities or outcomes.

ELLA+ also lets you adjust the level of analysis to generate anywhere from a few words or sentences to multiple paragraphs of context or more. And ELLA+ is designed with autonomous agents in mind, meaning users can build their own software agent to execute certain tasks automatically – such as sentiment analysis or pulling certain data from pitch books at periodic intervals. Furthermore, a user can clone the best models so the entire organization can start using them. 

The powerful capabilities contained in ELLA+ allow organizations to reap more value than ever from their AI investments while increasing analyst efficacy in market research, portfolio due diligence, trading strategy and more. 

Our next blog will turn the spotlight on the ELLA2 data analytics platform. In the meantime, learn more about ELLA+ here.

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