Centralize & Correlate Data to Stop Attacks Faster 

As threat actors continue their highly profitable, relentless barrage of cyber attacks on businesses, IT vendors are diligently working to deliver hardware and software products that provide critical security data in the form of log files, alerts, messages etc.

However, as is frequently the case with technology, the pendulum has swung from not having enough security-oriented data to having too much, and unfortunately, not all the data is helpful or relevant. Too much data can inundate IT teams and lead to delays in performing preventative measures.

This is where a Managed SIEM (security information and event management) solution comes in. ECI’s Managed SIEM provides real-time security analysis of data to proactively identify potential security risks. Leveraging machine learning and statistical analysis, it identifies anomalies, patterns, and trends that may indicate a current or future security risk. Information is filtered through the ECI SOC to eliminate the ‘noise’ and allow you to focus on real threats.  

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Managed SIEM Highlights

  • 24x7 Dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) with rapid triage by ECI SOC analysts and threat hunters

  • Powerful single endpoint agent installs in seconds

  • Complete data collection, regardless of structure of data capture

  • Monitor end points for running process and behaviors

  • Fine-grained risk scoring via intelligent data analysis for thousands of indicators of potential attack situations

  • Systems are evaluated against best practice standards and regulations

  • Endpoint analysis for weak configurations and improvement recommendations

Why Managed SIEM?

With 25+ years of experience in IT systems architecture and engineering, ECI can uniquely ensure successful implementation of a complex SIEM platform that adheres to regulatory standards (GDPR, NYDFS, OCIE) and cybersecurity guidelines such as ISO27001, NIST, CIS.

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For firms who are only looking for the benefits of a fully functional security operations center, our Dedicated SOC offering provides end to end security services via an FTE model using approved SIEM platforms and tools.

Managed SIEM Features and Benefits


    A successful SIEM implementation relies on a deployment plan that covers enough breadth – making sure that all supported sources send their logs to the SIEM – and depth – making sure that all supported sources are configured to capture all relevant logs with the right level of verbosity.


    Armed with knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity, our staff provides 24x7x365 support in handling of alerts, filtering out the noise, and responding to actionable events in a timely manner.


    Managed SIEM efficiently analyzes data by unifying, centralizing, and filtering all data to eliminate the noise, leaving behind succinct reports and recommendations to help clients stay cyber secure.



    ECI can create custom alert definitions based on industry best practices, regulatory compliance requirements, and our clients’ needs.


Managed SIEM Resources

Managed SIEM

See how we can provide real-time security analysis of data to proactively identify potential security risks. 

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