Your Legal and IT SEC Cheat Sheet: Complete Compliance for Asset Managers

The SEC’s proposed Cybersecurity Risk Management Rule is set to be approved this year by the Commission and creates an entirely new cybersecurity compliance regime for asset managers and the wider alternative investment management sector. 

Together, trusted global managed service provider (MSP) to over 1,000 alternative investment firms, ECI, and esteemed investment management law firm, Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP, have created this quick and comprehensive guide to empower asset managers with the requisite legal and IT considerations to build, monitor and continuously adapt their cybersecurity defenses to comply with the rule. Cybersecurity is truly a multi-factorial challenge that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Cybersecurity compliance is not a project but rather a continuous process that contemplates methodical and reasonable steps that mature your cybersecurity posture over time.

The cheat sheet includes the an entirely new but the most linear of all requirements! Download your complimentary copy today.



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