Whitepaper: Updating Your Operational Resilience Plan for UK Funds

Financial services organizations are having to transform at speed. While this accelerated digitization is necessary to meet customer and market needs, it also increases the pace and variety of cybersecurity threats to a company. This guidebook will help UK based organizations update their operational resilience plans accordingly to cope with enhanced cyber risks.
What You Will Learn:

  1. Essentials elements of a written cybersecurity plan
  2. How to review and enforce access management best practices
  3. Key strategies to deploy data protection policies and technologies
  4. How to report and disclose cybersecurity incidents and formalize accountability
  5. Ways to become more holistic vs. piecemeal in threat detection
  6. How to fine-tune your playbook with clear response metrics
  7. How faster recovery enhances business continuity, compliance and client confidence
  8. Criteria for choosing an MSP partner for support + More!
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