ECI Partners with Zero Networks to Bring Zero Trust Microsegmentation to Clients

ECI will partner with Zero Networks to offer a unified security suite that combines microsegmentation with ZTNA to their client base. Zero Networks is a simple, unified Zero Trust platform for secure remote access and software-defined segmentation for any asset.

Zero Networks Segment™️ takes microsegmentation to the next level with full automation and no more agents, providing a one-stop shop for client segmentation, server segmentation, the segmentation of communications from clients to servers, and most importantly no more manual rule creation. Zero Networks Connect™️ combines the best aspects of VPN and ZTNA and eliminates their flaws with a unique connectivity service inside the organization that is hidden from the internet and connected to MFA-based segmentation. With this approach, only approved devices that pass a valid MFA process can see the connectivity port to improve performance and user experience.

"We're thrilled about our partnership with ECI."  said Jenna Raby, Head of Growth at Zero Networks. "By integrating our zero-trust network security solutions with ECI's powerful offerings, we provide businesses with comprehensive cybersecurity and operational efficiency. Together, we empower organizations to protect their data, streamline operations, and achieve mutual growth. Exciting times ahead!"

 For ECI, the goal is ensuring their clients operate worry-free in the true modern workplace. “Our goal is to consistently ensure our clients’ ability to accelerate their business in a safe, secure environment,” said Rich Itri, Chief Innovation Officer of ECI. “For more than 25 years, we’ve put our clients’ success and growth at the center of all we do. The addition of Zero Networks as a partner is a huge milestone to provide secure remote connectivity, regardless of platform, which is critical to today’s business environment.”

About Zero Networks

Zero Networks provides a simple, unified Zero Trust platform for secure remote connectivity and software-defined segmentation for any asset: IT/OT, on prem and in the cloud. Offered on a single platform and UI, the Zero Networks product suite enables full East/West and North/South network security for enterprises of any size, via automated, agentless, MFA-enabled microsegmentation and advanced ZTNA solutions.

About ECI

ECI is the leading provider of cloud services, cybersecurity, and digital transformation for alternative investment services organizations across the globe. With its unmatched platform of solutions, ECI provides assured business acceleration through technology, partnering with clients to drive innovation. More than 1,000 customers worldwide with more than $3 trillion of assets under management put their trust in ECI.