Modernize Your Firm’s Application Development and DevOps with Support from a Strategic MSP Partner

Modernizing Application Development and DevOps Capabilities

DevOps offers firms the ability to create and deliver the tools needed to scale business operations through automation and continuous improvement, but firms should how they can benefit from streamlined software development processes by partnering with a strategic MSP partner. As an established market leader application development and DevOps, ECI’s proven approach helps clients master the art of agile development and building applications to enhance business operations.


The Importance of Modernizing Application Development and DevOps Capabilities

Just as our previous post illustrated how a partner with the right engineering expertise can help clients get the most out of their overall cloud investments – from provisioning and connectivity, to solving issues around configuration, latency, scaling and more – the same is true at the level of individual software applications and how developers build those applications.


Whereas legacy applications and development techniques tend to be limited by data silos, connectivity issues and static waterfall processes – modern applications and DevOps make full use of advanced project management tools and workflows, API-intensive connectivity, automation and cloud-native development processes like microservices and containerization to supercharge applications and empower business processes like never before.


But these benefits don’t magically appear by themselves. For example, building custom applications without the right expertise around changing requirements, integration issues and security concerns can create added cost, complexity and frustration for both businesses and development teams. And consider the example of simply moving legacy software development practices into the cloud as part of a basic “lift and shift” migration. Without expertise around cloud-native DevOps, you stand to miss out on all the cost savings, agility and performance benefits that a well-designed, well-implemented cloud deployment can generate for an organization.


The ECI Advantage as a Partner in Application Development and DevOps

If you don’t have the right expertise for application development and DevOps, you aren’t maximizing your IT investments. That’s where the right MSP partner comes in. At ECI, we deliver unmatched support for our financial sector clients looking for more agile, efficient and cost-effective ways to develop and run applications for a thoroughly modern workplace.


ECI’s application development service streamlines our clients’ ability to build new software solutions or programs for mobile, web or cloud for advanced and robust applications. We specialize in applications that can be used to optimize business processes, increase customer engagement and provide you with greater business intelligence and more actionable insights. Throughout, we’re experts at developing bespoke applications tailored for the exact needs of financial firms and their specific business functions.


Similarly, ECI’s DevOps offering is a comprehensive set of services designed to help our clients in the financial and healthcare industries streamline their software development and deployment processes. Across even the most complex multi-cloud and hybrid architectures, we apply advanced DevOps methodologies that allow for the automation of processes and continuous delivery/continuous improvement loops that allow iterative changes and improvements to be made quickly, at the speed of business.


Taken together, ECI’s MSP offerings in both application development and DevOps are helping clients quickly adopt a more agile approach to software development and deployment for more competitive, secure and compliant services. Learn more about how ECI empowers clients with superior Application Development and DevOps MSP support.

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