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Opalesque TV Exclusive: Cybersecurity Threats Facing Hedge Funds in 2015

By Kaleigh Alessandro | Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

In this Opalesque.TV video interview, Bob Guilbert and Vinod Paul from Eze Castle Integration discuss the hedge fund cybersecurity landscape, specifically the risks facing investment managers in 2015. Both spend the majority of their time educating their client base on internal and external risks, protecting them against the “Activist Hacktivists” looking for any means of entry into funds.

These hackers will spend weeks, months, and sometimes even years trying to get access, most often with the goal of triggering illicit wire transfers out of the fund.

Today, the usual efforts of employees to avoid clicking links or opening files and password protocoling aren't enough. Everyone should be aware of new techniques employed by hackers like “spearfishing” and “whaterhole” attacks which, with more institutional dollars flowing into hedge funds, will become more frequent. Unless funds have the right Written Information Security Policy (WISP) and processes in place, together with true intrusion detection that monitors what is coming into the firm and what data and information is going out of the firm, they can be at risk of a cybersecurity attack.

Learn more about:

  • “Spearfishing” attacks to wire transfers

  • “Waterhole” attacks: Why actions such as ordering from an online menu can put your firm at risk

  • SEC requirements and best practices

  • Defining a “WISP” – Written Information Security Policy

  • Multiple points of entry holding information across service provider platforms

  • Eze Castle and eSentire Partnership

  • Increasing cloud adoption rates in larger funds

  • Shift in perception of cloud safety


Opalesque Video

Additional Resources on Cybersecurity:

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