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The Best in Hedge Fund Technology: Hedge IT 2014 in Review

By Kaleigh Alessandro | Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

It’s been quite a year, and as always, it’s hard to believe it’s over. In 2014, Hedge IT continued to thrive in its goal to provide advice and insight into hedge fund technology and operations. The financial services industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and we’re evolving our topics and conversations to keep up. Across 100 blog posts this year (not including this one), almost half of them – 49 to be exact – addressed the topic of security, which is undoubtedly one of the single most important focus areas for hedge funds and investment firms today. In addition to security, we covered everything from tips for starting a hedge fund to avoiding cloud mistakes to hiring for IT roles.
Looking ahead to 2015, we plan to keep the conversations tuned in to what really matters to hedge funds when it comes to technology, and we’ll share as much content as we can in as many formats as we can. But before we get too ahead of ourselves – it’s not quite 2015 yet – let’s take a look back at 10 of our most popular blog posts from 2014.

IT Security Dos & Don’ts

As I mentioned above, we talked A LOT about hedge fund security this year. But one of the more popular security topics was actually the simplest. It was a list we compiled of simple dos and don’ts employees should be aware of. (For example, DO: Lock your computer when you leave your desk; DON’T: Open suspicious attachments). You can read the list here or watch a handy video we created on the topic.

Assessing Your Firm’s Attitude Toward Security: What’s Your Type?

Like I mentioned, security was big this year. Before identifying infrastructure components and implementing operational policies around security, a firm must first be clear on what its attitude is toward security. This attitude will filter through the company from the top down, and will therefore dictate how employees and the business as a whole operate on a daily basis. Take a look at the three security attitude profiles we created, and see where your firm falls.

A How-To Guide to Selling the Cloud to Your CFO

If you’re an IT Manager looking to move to the cloud, how do you go about pitching that move to your Chief Financial Officer? The CFO is tasked with understanding how a firm’s infrastructure decisions will impact the firm’s overall business and financial health, so it’s important to address his/her key concerns. We’ve outlined how to talk to your CFO about the cloud and what questions to answer to help secure his/her go-ahead.

51 Hedge Fund IT Due Diligence Questions Your Can Expect from Investors

2014 marked an important year for due diligence, as hedge fund investors became savvier than ever – especially when it comes to technology. We’ve narrowed down 51 critical DDQ questions your firm should expect to answer the next time your investors come calling.

Hedge Fund Transformation Series

Back in May, we gathered a panel of hedge fund experts – in conjunction with our friends at KPMG – and talked about how the hedge fund industry is evolving with regards to technology and operations. Our two-part event recap focuses on how firms are using outsourced providers to support operations and the challenges to transformation.

A Hacker’s Tool Kit: Cyber Security Threats to Financial Firms

Even before the SEC revealed its cybersecurity exam questionnaire, we knew that security was going to be an important focus of 2014. Back in February, we attended a FBI Citizens Academy seminar during which the speaker examined how hackers are targeting financial firms today. Here’s a look inside a hacker’s took kit.

Hedge Fund Startup Tips from 9 Emerging Manager Experts

New hedge fund launches always have a lot of questions – and it’s understandable; they have so much to think about. That’s why we asked nine hedge fund startup experts across the industry to share their knowledge as part of our Emerging Managers Insight Article Series. Experts from prime brokerage, compliance, legal, technology and more share their expertise with new startups; choose from the individual articles or read the full compilation.

The Right Time to Move Applications to the Cloud?

We know firms are moving to the cloud, but when are they moving? We identified three primary inflection points at which hedge funds and investment firms typically make the decision to move operations to the cloud.

Why Are Hedge Funds Moving to Miami?

One of our most popular articles in 2014 focused on why hedge funds and other financial services firms are making Miami their new home. South Florida seems to be the new hotspot for finance, and we examined why. Take a look at why more than just sunshine is attracting new business.

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