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Hiring IT 101: What Qualities Do Your IT Experts Need?

By Emma Howie | Thursday, June 12th, 2014

At Eze Castle Integration, we seek a variety of skill sets when we look to hire new engineers. We not only look for solid technical skills and experience, but an array of core competencies that we have found are critical for quality IT pros. To help you in your firm’s quest for a premier IT team, here are a few of the core competencies we like to see in our technology candidates:

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • IT pros need to be more than extremely intelligent and skilled in their field; they require interpersonal skills and finesse.

  • IT staff work with clients (internal or external) every day, sometimes day and night. It is critical for their communication to be clear and consistent at all times.

  • Common sense, good judgment and the ability to be resourceful are all necessary skills on the job.IT Team: Hiring 101

  • Firms should also look for candidates with the ability to simultaneously understand business issues and communicate solutions effectively from a technical standpoint. Not every end user has a degree in information technology – successful IT managers should be adept at framing technical situations in a way that’s easy for non-technical users to understand.

Sense of Urgency and Problem Solving

  • IT is a constantly changing environment, and IT pros should have the ability to keep up. 

  • The ability to quickly identify a problem and fix it is a great skill to have. A company’s productivity and profits can often depend on the actions made by the IT staff in the first minutes following an incident. However, a successful IT pro will also not rush into a decision without thinking. Balancing the need for swiftness and accuracy is critical.

  • We also look for employees with a willingness to do what it takes to solve the problem at hand, regardless of external environmental factors and concerns.

Customer Focus

  • A great IT pro has the end user in mind at all times.

  • With the end user in mind, great IT professionals also work to develop a deeper understanding of the customer's business in order to successfully meet all of their needs with a greater understanding.

Desire to Learn

  • It is critical to have IT pros who want to further their own learning and stay on top of the latest technology and systems.

  • Great IT managers will take initiative to gain relevant professional certifications and keep up with what is new and exciting in their field of work.

This list is certainly not inclusive of all the qualities firms should look for in their when hiring an IT staff, but it provides a solid baseline and will hopefully steer you in the right direction as you look to build out your internal resources. If building an internal IT team isn't right for your firm, you can read about outsourced staffing considerations in our Guide to Technology Outsourcing below. 

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