What can you expect from a partner who uses the power of technology to support your success? Bigger, broader, bolder results.

Discover your next level of business performance.

When we partner with mid-market financial service organizations, we transform technology into an active source of stability, security, and strength. We deliver multifaceted results that take shape along various measures of success.

Activate access.
Put the power of flexible, scalable cloud technology to work for your team—without the need to develop in-house expertise.

Achieve stability. continuity, and productivity.
See what your team can accomplish when you eliminate technology interruptions.

Lock in security.
Neutralize security threats and safeguard vital data and business operations.

Enhance efficiency.
Drive increased efficiency as business transformation services achieve a better use of technology.

Sharpen your focus.
Free up your management team to spend their time where it matters most—on their business.


Leadership is our Legacy

Over the past two decades, ECI has emerged as the premier provider of managed services, technology solutions, and business transformation to the investment management industry. One glance down the length of our awards shelf will make it clear that we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

The ECI leadership team includes the brightest, boldest, and biggest-thinking industry experts, all of whom are proud to call ECI home. These passionate thought leaders bring fresh perspectives, along with a high motor for excellence, success, and growth. 

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One track record.
Countless satisfied clients.

To date, we have optimized the way technology functions for 1000 global clients and counting. From financial hedge funds to private equity entities, asset management companies, and more, our consultative edge builds a solid technology-driven foundation inside financial services and professional services organizations. We maintain thriving relationships with a global network of clients, and that long-term dedication is a true testament to how effectively we’re able to nurture partnerships. 


Driven by Purpose.
Anchored by Mission.

Our purpose inspires us.
To be the most transformative business partner our clients will ever engage.

Our mission focuses us.
We are catalysts of connection – helping our communities activate their full potential through technology, a consultative approach, and a relentlessly innovative spirit.

ECI GIves back


At ECI, we are committed to giving back to the community and creating a positive change. We partner with many nonprofit organizations such as the AITEC Gives Back Foundation, Youth INC, Riley's Way, Best Buddies International, Girls Who Code, and more. ECI is proud to support charitable organizations around the world in all the communities where our teams are located. We are focused on corporate social responsibility that will have a positive influence on the world.



Why Work with ECI?

Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do.

We are in the business of constant transformation. Our minds are open to a diverse stream of ideas — because there is always a better way, a more efficient take, and a quicker solution just waiting to happen. We thrive in a state of constant progress, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible inside this industry.

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Our Global Footprint

Our service is always at the ready. Operating within three continents, our IT services are designed to fit your unique requirements and grow with your operation. Our client-service team, and our 24x7x365 Global Support Desk deliver exceptional service to every firm we work with whenever they need it.

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