ecinet IS OUR Global Private Network


ECINet serves as the communications gateway for financial services firms, delivering highly secure and redundant internet-based communications and direct Microsoft Cloud connectivity.

We act as a single service provider enabling and monitoring your entire IT infrastructure for greater security and availability. ECINet is completely secure, meaning firms can rest assured their critical information is always protected. For firms with multiple offices or data centers around the world, ECINet enables seamless communication and data transmission across all locations.

Via ECINet, we deliver direct connectivity to the Microsoft Cloud, SunGard Transaction Network (STN), NYSE Technologies’ Marketplace, multiple market data providers and many other locations.


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  • Full spectrum of Internet, private Ethernet circuit, MPLS and VPLS service capabilities.

  • Reliable, well-tested and proven carrier-class equipment and service.

  • Managed end-to-end from the desktop to the data center by ECI.

  • Automatic issue monitoring and notification.

  • Multi-vendor and multi-tier networks offer clients direct redundant connections to the Microsoft Cloud, STN and NYSE Technologies’ Marketplace.

  • Direct connect options to ECINet’s MPLS cloud for disaster recovery/interoffice connectivity PTPs or VPLS (full mesh).

  • 24x7x365 staffed Global Support Desk with financial application and network expertise.

ECINet Features


Class 1 Facilities

ECI’s POP facilities are on par with Tier 1 carriers. Each facility has industrial-strength redundant power grids, redundant cooling, diesel generators and 24x7x365 security to deliver optimum Quality of Service levels.

Higher Availability through Redundancy

ECI relies on multiple Tier 1 IP transit connections to maintain high levels of availability and performance and help ensure clients have access to all portions of the internet.

24x7 Line Status and Performance Monitoring

ECI’s Network Operations Center team monitors availability and performance of all client circuits to rapidly address issues and help ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained.

Gateway Access

ECI can directly connect a client’s business to several financial services networks via ECINet – a valuable resource for disaster recovery.


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Other ECINet Benefits Include

  • 24x7x365 staffed Service Desk in New York City with financial application expertise.

  • Direct redundant connections to SunGard Transaction Network (STN) and NYSE Technologies’ Marketplace.

  • Direct connect options to ECI’s cloud for disaster recovery/interoffice connectivity E-Line or E-LAN / VPLS (full wide-area mesh).

  • Four queue end-to-end Quality of Service included on E-Line and E-LAN products.

  • Multiplexed services option – allows ECI to deliver many different service types (Internet, interoffice EPL, cloud connection, etc.) to an office using one high-capacity circuit, reducing operating cost and increasing utility.

  • Direct connect options to the public cloud for increased performance and reliability.

  • Netflow circuit utilization reports monitoring detailed IP and protocol source/destination information.

  • SMTP spooling with geographically diverse servers.

  • DNS hosting with geographically diverse servers.

  • Direct peering with content providers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

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Managed Network

This solution provides a complete networking package for clients that want a fully managed and flexible solution for on-premises networking that securely connects to our private cloud infrastructure. The hardware costs are embedded in the cost of this service, ensuring that you are only paying an operating expense for the actual hardware needed as you scale up or down. Let our experts ensure you have the best networking hardware that is fully managed, maintained, and patched in accordance with the security you have come to expect from ECI.



Software Defined WAN is the latest innovation in the deployment and management of Wide Area Networks. This solution provides an overlay to your existing network using tunneling technology to differentiate the physical network from the logical network. This implementation includes a centralized controller that allows our service team to set and maintain policy, control traffic paths, SLAs, failover, and monitoring. Once policies are in place, the system intelligently monitors the performance on a link and migrates traffic based on the SLA established. This drives down the total cost of the WAN and allows you to take advantage of the innovation in this space. 


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