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Whether launching a new company, relocating to a new office or enhancing existing office space, firms have certain immovable deadlines and non-negotiable requirements for reliable and available IT services. We understand these realities and offer smart Project Management and office move services to streamline the process, whilst mitigating any risks. 


IT Project Management

A Proven Approach That Works

Our experienced Project & Technology Management team provides complete design, implementation and IT process administration. We guide clients through fundamental decisions around their infrastructure, including matters of procurement and logistics, IT capital investment and cost reduction. Our team of experts are on hand to support firms throughout their journey, and to ensuring their IT strategy is aligned with overall company objectives and goals.


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Why Eze Project Management? 

We carefully select each member of our global Project and Technology Management Team and continue to nurture and train them in line with the IT growth curve. Eze Castle Integration has successfully completed over 2,000 projects, from office moves to openings.

Our Project & Technology Management team has taken proven, industry-standard project methodologies, incorporated key performance indicators and used our experience to develop a lean, highly flexible and interactive project model for firms to benefit from.


Behind the Methodology



1. IT Needs Assessment

During this phase, Eze Castle Integration meets with the client to gain an understanding of how technology will support the firm’s business operations as well as current and emerging technology requirements via voice, data, security and audio/visual systems. 

  • New Building Site Assessments

  • Existing Building Due Diligence Evaluations

  • Facility Consulting

  • Master Planning

  • Lease Negotiation Assistance

  • Technology Infrastructure Auditing

  • IT Systems Environmental Load Analysis

2. Information Technology Design

We assists the client in representing and coordinating the concepts and criteria developed during the needs assessment stage. Our team then develops a coordinated set of working drawings, IT implementation details, mechanical, electrical and plumbing specifications, and timelines, which will depict the requirements for the new technology infrastructure. Specific design services may include those for:

  • IT Room/ Data Center

  • IT Cabling Infrastructure

  • Local and Wide Area Networks

  • Wireless Technology

  • Base Building Interior/Exterior IT Pathway

  • IT Systems Elevation Planning

  • Base Building Telco Systems Distribution



3. IT Project Management 

This phase includes a variety of activities ranging from bid evaluation and consulting. Our team works with clients every step of the way to ensure projects get off on the right foot and stay on track. Other highlights of this stage include:

  • Information Technology Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

  • PMO/PgMO Structure

  • Facilitation/Instructing

  • Negotiation Management

  • Quality Assurance

4. IT Integration

The objective of this phase is to assist the client in the proactive management of the technology infrastructure to ensure everything is implemented to the highest standards. Eze Castle Integration overseas the entire process including system procurement, configuration, testing and implementation of the complete IT infrastructure. The Eze Castle Integration team is then onsite day one to ensure a smooth system ‘go-live’. Phase highlights include:

  • IT Systems Consulting & Procurement Management

  • Carrier Consulting & Installation Management

  • Technology Refresh Management

  • IT Service Takeover Implementation Management

  • IT Solutions Implementation Management

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