Infrastructure Support &
Management Services


Storage & Virtualization Management

Managing, monitoring and maintaining storage and virtualized infrastructures has become more complex and time consuming. At Eze our IT team can handle it all including 24x7x365 monitoring.

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Network Maintenance & Support

Our team delivers the full spectrum of network support services including Network Device Support, 24x7x365 Response, Proactive Maintenance, Network Assessments, Health Checks and more.

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Nimble Storage
Dell Equal Logic 
VM Ware


Storage & Virtualization Management 

It is essential that your infrastructure functions efficiently and at top speed in order to keep your business operating at peak performance. This is where Eze Castle Integration comes in. Our team is skilled at designing storage and virtualization solutions that deliver increased performance, efficiency and scalability. We are an inclusive source for all storage and virtualization requirements, including design, acquisition, implementation and ongoing support.

We are experienced in building superior solutions facilitated through using technology from our expert partners NetApp, Dell EqualLogic, EMC, VMware and Nimble Storage. Our staff holds numerous certifications and are fully versed in working with storage architectures including Direct Access Storage (DAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Unified Storage.

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Storage Management and Maintenance Service


Storage Management & Maintenance Service

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting on storage availability, utilization and performance

  • 24x7x365 on-call storage support as well as monitoring and remediation of all SAN, NAS and virtualization alerts

  • Quarterly proactive storage growth and performance monitoring and reporting

  • Performing preventive maintenance

  • Provisioning of storage objects and resources

  • Managing and ensuring operation of data backup, replication, recovery and archive processes

  • Support of regularly scheduled disaster recovery testing


Network Management & Support Service 

Eze Castle Integration offers a full range of network support through our Network Maintenance & Support Service.  This service provides the support a firm requires to keep their technology environment running smoothly.  

  • Network Devices Support
  • Access 24x7x365 to Technology Experts
  • Proactive Network Maintenance
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments & Health Checks
  • TACACS Configuration Monitoring for Device Access

Comprehensive Network Support Services

  • Our team handles configuration changes and incident resolution related to support for network devices 

  • Resources for priority 1 network-related issues are available 24x7

  • Our team conducts proactive network maintenance to prevent network failures from occurring

  • Biannual health checks to keep your network available and running at peak performance

  • DR verification support for confidence 


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