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We allow leading financial, insurance and private equity organizations to accelerate business transformation, overcome obstacles and create value through digital transformation. Here are just a few examples of how our teams are transforming the Financial Industry


RPA in Insurance Industry

Automating an Insurance Providers Back Office with Robotic Process Automation

The Challenge: A leading insurance provider was faced with a organizational effort to reduce the overall operation costs of key functions. While IT leadership knew RPA was an opportunity, they weren’t sure where to start or how to effectively roadmap an automation/RPA program.

The Solution: Our RPA Initiative started with an assessment of the current back office processes and strategic decision making on which processes would make the most sense to automate from ROI and Time to Value perspective.


Regulatory Reporting Automation Project

Financial Firm Transforms SEC, FRB & FDIC Regulatory Reporting

The Challenge: As a Fortune 100 financial institution, our client faced a challenging and often changing regulatory reporting environment. To reduce costs associated with this function, the client looked to create a flexible reporting platform.

The Solution: Before engineering, we ran a Discovery and Design sprint to clearly gather cross-functional requirements and outline how open source and cloud technologies would drive significant value.  

Banking data integration project

Integration with Major Banking Companies to Enable Secure Data Sharing

The Challenge: A Fortune 100 financial services firm aimed to create a brand new service to enable their customers to securely share data with third-party applications like Mint.com. This required complex API integrations and program management that the client struggled to effectively staff.  

The Solution: Given the importance of security and API scalability, our engineering leadership roadmapped a cloud-based architecture. From there we deployed both React and Node engineers to accelerate the efforts of execution and client onboarding.  


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Insurance workflow design and development project

Custom Workflow Design and Development for Processing P&C Body Injury Claims

The Challenge: A global insurance provider struggled with providing an accurate, usable workflow for processing bodily injury claims. Internal efforts to reimagine the system had multiple false starts and frustrated stakeholders. 

The Solution: Our approach focused on centralizing Data and Workflows spread across over 100 MS Access Databases on a shared network drive. Consolidated sets from last several years could then be utilized by the Analytics team to build predictive models and power the front-end application.


Application QA testing in financial services

Outsourcing of QA Automation Function for a Financial Services Client 

The Challenge: A fast growing financial services company was hard pressed to meet year-end goals for a reimagined customer platform. Not only did they need faster overall development, they needed to ensure that the overall platform launched on time. 

The Solution: Our client is building the first FinTech platform specifically designed to fix the data quality challenges all multi-asset allocators face. The solution enables investment offices to more confidently and successfully manage complex portfolios, with game-changing improvements in data accuracy, transparency, and timeliness.



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