Vulnerability Assessment


Using best-of-breed vulnerability management and assessment technology, our team scans for malware, viruses, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes and web services linking to malicious content. We cover both internal and external facing environments.


Let us identify real and potential vulnerabilities that exist within your firm


Analyze, Test & Report

With the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing complete, our team provides key findings and recommendations for remediation of vulnerabilities. Clients can have Eze Castle Integration conduct the remediation recommendations or handle independently.



Why Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment?

Financial firms must have a clear understanding of their IT security vulnerabilities in order to construct the right defenses. That’s why Eze Castle Integration offers Vulnerability Assessment Services.

Our goal with these tests is to identify real and potential vulnerabilities that exist inside and external to a firm’s network. Vulnerabilities, that if maliciously exploited, could lead to a security breach.

Eze Castle’s security experts assess your network, device, application and wireless security and provide actionable recommendations to remediate threats


Vulnerability Assessments Resources

Patch Management Service

Ensuring system patches are current is essential to an organization’s security. However there is more to patch management than just installation.

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