Phishing & Training is a fully managed cybersecurity training solution

Train, Test & Prepare Your Employees.

Through controlled phishing simulations, the program tests employees' responses to phishing attacks and provides in-the-moment security education.

On-demand interactive security awareness training and knowledge assessments are also included to reinforce key concepts.

Quarterly reports summarize phishing tests and training completion results to provide insights into employee vulnerabilities and ensure accountability.

Features and Benefits

  • Phishing tests, training, and reporting are fully managed by ECI

  • Discrete, time-released phishing email delivery helps protect authenticity of test attacks

  • Variety of content and formats keeps phishing tests fresh and challenging

  • Rich, interactive video trainings and assessments solidify key phishing and cyber awareness concepts

  • Powerful reporting analytics provide actionable insights


  • Timely phishing email campaigns are distributed over time to employees.

  • User receives phish enticing them to click, download an attachment, or input credentials into a website.

  • A user's click on the phish results triggers in-the-moment training.

  • Post campaign, ECI provides report with results on employee engagement and training participation.

  • Beyond testing, online training content and assessments are available to users for continued education.

  • Repeat quarterly or as needed.

Phishing Resources

Cyber Security Dos and Don'ts

Learn the required IT Security Dos and Don'ts that your employees must follow to keep your sensitive information protected.

Best Practices for Phishing Readiness

Our webinar uncovers the social engineering threats facing today's organizations and provides a checklist for complete phishing readiness.



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