ECI provides oversight on a firm’s overall security and offers valuable insight on how to enhance your security posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.



Secure your Business


Governance & Risk Highlights


Risk Assessment & Management

Conduct annual risk assessments and quarterly risk management meetings.

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Governance & Vendor Risk Management

Develop a clear understanding of a firm’s risks, outline a strategy, and facilitate governance housekeeping.

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Incident Response 

Provide and maintain a firm’s incident response plan and provide post-incident support.

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Why Governance & Risk?

With 25+ years of experience in IT systems architecture and engineering, ECI can uniquely ensure successful implementation of our Governance & Risk Program that adheres to regulatory standards (GDPR, NYDFS, SEC OCIE, FINRA). ECI delivers complete oversight and ongoing risk management that are essential to validating and ensuring continuous compliance.


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Enhance Your Security Posture With
Governance & Risk MANAGEMENT

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Risk Assessment & Management

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment 
  • Risk Mitigation Recommendations
  • Security Controls Review 
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
  • Quarterly Risk Management Meetings
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Cybersecurity Governance

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Acceptable Use Policy 
  • Access Control Policy
  • Access Rights & Controls Quarterly Review

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Vendor Risk Management

  • Vendor Categorization
  • Assessment Framework
  • Remediation Recommendations
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Incident Response Planning & Support 

  • Incident Response Plan
  • Post-Breach Incident Response Support




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