ECI'S Cybersecurity Bundle

Advanced security managed solution that provides critical security layers for identifying, protecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats.

By combining advanced security layers—including 24x7 monitoring and response, threat prevention, security intelligence, and security awareness—this expertly managed solution reduces threat response times and dramatically minimizes the risk of cyber attacks.

Eze Cybersecurity Program

A Programmatic Approach to Cyber Protection


A comprehensive risk-management strategy mandates layers to identify, protect, and detect. 

ECI combines advanced security technology with human expertise to protect businesses against modern cyber attacks. Our Managed SIEM service provides 24x7 monitoring of network, endpoint, and cloud environments to rapidly detect, respond to, and stop threats. Additional security layers from asset management and patching to Dark Web Monitoring bolster the effectiveness of this managed cyber service and address regulatory requirements. 



24x7 Monitoring, Detection & Response

Our Managed SIEM is a comprehensive security solution that combines critical layers— including threat research, monitoring, and modern security controls—to enhance visibility, reduce threat response times, and minimize the risk of cyber attacks. This service unifies security data to detect abnormal behavior and enable rapid response – SIEM increases visibility, speeds threat response, and minimizes risks. When a threat is identified, ECI’s dedicated security operations center (SOC) team supports rapid response and incident resolution.

Eze Dark Web Monitoring

Stop Targeted Account Takeovers

With our Dark Web Monitoring service, the dark web is scoured by our systems against a defined client watchlist. If a match occurs on an active user's credentials, the user’s "reset password on next login" Active Directory flag is triggered, thus blocking account takeover (ATO) attempts using the compromised credentials. Clients are immediately notified of the activities and the end user is required to reset their password.


Employee Training & Awareness

Our Phishing & Training service provides phishing simulations and learning modules to help ensure employees adopt a security-first approach to email activities. This program leverages safe, controlled simulations of fraudulent email messages and provides awareness reinforcement using interactive security education training and assessments.

Eze Asset & Inventory

Asset & Inventory Management

Hackers are skilled at turning devices into access points. That is why inventory control is a key component of enterprise data security -- firms must know where and how all company-managed devices are being used. We give your firm visibility into key asset tracking information including configurations, software installed and more.

Patch Management

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise 

ECI’s CISO team provides an annual tabletop incident response tabletop exercise to evaluate a client's overall security incident response, preparedness, and recovery plan. This interactive session simulates multiple real-world scenarios and takes participants through key response steps including detection & assessment, escalation & response, coordination & communication, and post-incident.

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Cybersecurity Bundle

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