Implementing multiple security layers to protect your data at every possible point

Every firm is a target with a potential weak link. At Eze Castle
Integration we excel at implementing security-first IT strategies that center on security layers and proactive strategies for detection and resolution. From blending best-of-breed security technology to 24/7/365 monitoring and response, we equip firms to operate securely in an uncertain and shifting environment.



Services for Cyber Protection


Cyber Plan

Eze Cybersecurity Plan Development

A complete information security plan development program covering creation, implementation, maintenance and auditing of information security policies and plans. 

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Dark Web Icon

Eze Dark Web Monitoring 

Our Dark Web Monitoring service scours the dark web 24x7 for your user's credentials (i.e. username/password) and takes action when a match is discovered.

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Vulnerability Assessments Icon

Eze Vulnerability Assessments

Our team executes a vulnerability assessment using best-of-breed technology to cover both internal and external environments. Once complete we provide findings and recommendations for remediation. 

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Phishing Icon

Eze Phishing & Training 

A fully-managed cybersecurity training program that tests employees' responses to phishing attacks and provides ‘in-the-moment’ security education.

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Cybersecurity Resources

How Ineffective Patch Management Can Leave Your Firm Exposed

Read this whitepaper to learn effective strategies and best practices for alternative investment and professional services firms.

Private Equity CTO Survey

Our Private Equity CTO Survey examines how today's private equity firms are making investments in technology, outsourcing to the cloud and warding off cybersecurity threats.


Speak with a Cybersecurity Specialist to learn more about how Eze Castle Integration can help protect your firm.