Every financial firm is a target with a potential weak link.

In the digital age, the very heart of your business can be threatened by bad actors looking to steal, subvert or destroy your critical data and business operations. At ECI, we understand how essential it is to have iron-clad confidence in the security of your data. We excel at implementing security-first strategies that build in the layers of protection you need as well as proactive strategies to guide detection and resolution.

ECI's Cybersecurity Services


    ECI’s advanced security managed solution that provides critical security layers for identifying, protecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats.

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    In response to threat actors’ relentless barrage of cyber attacks, hardware and software products proliferate to deliver critical security data. But too much data can inundate IT teams and lead to delayed s in threat response and prevention. Enter: ECI’s Managed SIEM.

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    User credentials are for sale across the dark web - going to the highest bidder – resulting in alarming increases in account takeover incidents. Let ECI monitor the dark web to stop this threat.

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    Attacks are coming. Make your team into cyber defenders. To thwart phishing attacks before they do damage to your firm, strengthen your first line of defense: your employees.

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    Financial firms must have a clear understanding of their IT security vulnerabilities to build the right defenses. That’s why ECI offers Vulnerability Assessments and Remediation.

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  • SOC

    A fully functional ECI Security Operations Center enhances our Managed SIEM offering with rapid triage by trained analysts and threat hunters.

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    ECI’s Governance & Risk Management provides oversight of your firm’s overall security and offers valuable insight on how to enhance your security posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.

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    In the face of constantly shifting threat landscapes, finding someone qualified to make and implement security decisions can be hard. ECI lets firms focus on what really matters: achieving business goals.

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Access to critical information must rest in your hands alone. To anyone outside your organization, there is no scratching the surface—all they are able to see around even the smallest bit of valuable data is layers of security. From email encryption, anti-virus and malware protection to URL defense and targeted attack protection, ECI establishes every must-have security layer you need to operate with full cybersecurity in place.

  • Security-first IT strategies
  • Proactive detection and resolution methods.
  • Best-of-breed security technology
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and response

Continued IT support, since the launch of our business, has enabled us to build and maintain a risk averse industry profile. In fact, in a recent power grid failure which affected the business district of Central Singapore, we were able to see ECI's business continuity plan in action and were proud to be one of the few firms in the area to remain connected and continue trading.

David Mulvenna, Chief Operating Officer, Metrica Partners


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