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Delivering high quality and cost-effective voice services with resiliency and redundancy built-in. Hosted voice provides high
levels of redundancy, quality of service and cost effectiveness. 

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Providing expert guidance on building a core communications foundation as well as strategies for voice disaster recovery, leveraging video telephony and increasing mobility.

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A Hosted Voice Solution Built for the Financial Industry

Expect more from your hosted voice solution. More features, more redundancy and more flexiblity. Eze Hosted Voice delivers more.


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Explore the Features & Benefits of
Eze Hosted Voice

Premier Quality of Service

Eze Castle is 100% focused on quality and reliability. The network powering our hosted PBX service is optimized to deliver crystal clear sound based on a state of the art network and VoIP optimized infrastructure. 


Business Continuity

The platform behind our Eze Voice service boasts redundant hardware and software and fault tolerant systems to ensure continuous availability. In addition, calls can be automatically re-routed in the event of local service outage.

Communicate Seamlessly

Eze Voice makes it easy to connect multiple offices and employees and eliminates the need for
expensive and complex networks, hardware and

Connecting Mobile Workers

Each mobile employee needs a broadband connection and they become an extension of your corporate phone system. Employees simply need to plug in their compatible phone via Ethernet to their home network and start making calls. 

Number Transportability 

Traditional phone companies often require firms to
switch numbers with an office move, but with Eze
Voice users can keep their numbers. 

Critical Functionality

Eze Voice delivers true ‘bridged appearances,’ which enable flexible push-button collaboration between colleagues and those in the Financial Industry.


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Decades of Voice Expertise = Unmatched Reliability

Since 1995, Eze Castle Integration has delivered intelligent, highly available and secure communications solutions to financial services firms worldwide. Our voice consultants and engineers hold multiple certifications and have extensive knowledge in creating tailored solutions that meet a client’s precise business requirements and budget. Eze Castle Integration provides expert guidance on building a core communications foundation as well as strategies for voice disaster recovery, leveraging video telephony and increasing mobility.

We're Flexible: Get the Best in On-Premise Voice Solutions from Eze too 

Voice Solution Design

Eze Castle Integration works closely with clients to design a custom solution, starting with a voice needs assessment to understand the firm’s criteria and growth plans. We then design a solution using proven Avaya technology.


With the design set, Eze Castle Integration handles the procurement process. As an Avaya Business Partner, we have extensive expertise and secure competitive pricing to ensure clients receive the most effective solution.


Implementation & Project Management

An Eze Castle Integration project manager and engineering team handle the complete implementation process including pre-installation preparation, deployment and testing. Eze Castle is focused on supporting clients throughout the entire process and is on-site for the new system go-live.

Support & Maintenance

Post-installation, Eze Castle Integration provides continuous, comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and support that helps ensure maximum system performance, reliability and availability.


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