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Investment firms are in constant communication with brokers, trading counterparties and other institutions throughout the financial services industry to purchase and sell securities. As a result, communication management can easily become complicated and inefficient.

That’s why we created ECI Link: a highly secure, redundant and available communications network for today’s buy-side firms. Eze Castle Integration’s ECI Link provides clients’ streamlined connectivity and communications to financial communities. ECI Link combines Internet, FIX, market data, business applications and voice connectivity over a converged, private network to power a firm’s trading operations.


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ECI Link

ECI Link Network 

The foundation of ECI Link is Eze Castle Integration’s ECINet private network which serves as the communications gateway to buy-side firms and delivers highly secure and redundant Internet-based communication. 

Extending the reach of ECINet, Eze Castle Integration offers direct connectivity to the SunGard Transaction Network (STN) and Ullink giving clients one communications platform to all of their trading counterparties, including broker-dealers, dark liquidity pools, crossing networks and other execution venues.

ECI Link Features

  • Professional management by dedicated communications team

  • Simplification through converged Internet, FIX, market data and voice

  • Highly secure, reliable and fast communications network

  • Access to best-of-breed service providers including Ullink, SunGard Transaction Network and Thomson Reuters

The Communication Team

Managed by Eze Castle Integration’s dedicated communications team, ECI Link simplifies the startup process and ongoing management of a firm’s communication network. Eze Castle Integration can quickly deploy ECI Link to provide firms with the key communications components necessary to jumpstart trading operations.

Once ECI Link is in place, our team monitors the quality of service delivered and proactively makes adjustments as necessary to ensure connectivity across ECI Link is operating at peak performance.

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