Boost the value of your business through the lens of technology

No other managed services provider offers the level of business transformation services that ECI does. This is a core competitive advantage of ours, and it quickly becomes a competitive advantage of yours as well. When you partner with ECI, we establish solutions that transform technology into a source of efficiency, increased productivity, and a leading edge within your organization. Better use of technology is a direct driver of business value, so when you stand with us, you stand to benefit from our innovative approach.



    Future-proof your business by making sure the applications and workflows you need to thrive are fully up to date. ECI can help you bring all of your systems and applications in line with your cloud or other digital goals.

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    A modern cloud infrastructure is leveraged most effectively by implementing DevOps, which dramatically increases the velocity of application and service delivery.

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    Automation has changed the way people work. ECI will work with you to reimagine processes with human and digital intelligence to ensure your staff can focus on only the highest value tasks.


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    Data is the new currency, but without an innovative approach to data warehousing, security, and governance, organizations will not be able to capitalize on the value of their data.

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    ECI will meet you where you are on your cloud journey. To be truly strategic on a journey to the cloud, you need a roadmap and clearly defined goals. Let us help you use the cloud optimally for your business.

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    Business transformation is hard work. Sometimes you simply need new skills or more hands to ensure projects meet the critical deadlines. Our skilled staff can fill the gaps, short-term or long-term.


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    With expectations and capabilities seemingly changing with the wind, our team provides a methodology and structure to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process of business transformation.

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    As businesses begin to craft plans to reopen offices after extended work from home models, a hybrid approach is emerging for most organizations. Give your employees the support they need to thrive no matter where they are in the world.

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    If you are evaluating organizations for acquisition, ECI’s Due Diligence Assessments will provide you with a robust report detailing risks and offering mitigation strategies so that you can move forward with confidence.

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When we partner with you, we put the benefit of experience and industry expertise to work for you. We have been around long enough to know that one size never fits all. We work with you to build custom solutions that translate every area of concern into a source of strength for your business. Technology is a powerful defense tactic for cybersecurity—but it’s more than that too. It holds the power to unlock your full business potential and magnify your value within the context of this competitive landscape.

  • Increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and build a greater competitive advantage
  • Make technology a driver of real business value
  • Boost efficiency by modernizing outdated applications, automating key processes, boosting collaboration, and empowering distributed workforce
  • Exclusive, proprietary approach to business transformation services available only from ECI

ECI has made some bold moves that have paid off; not only are they the leading MSP for financial services, they’re the future in the space. They’re enabling financial firms to benefit from solid offerings in areas like infrastructure and security, while introducing innovative services to drive efficiency, productivity and growth, turning IT into a competitive advantage.

Chris Turek, Chief Information Officer, Evercore


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Achieve maximum stability. Proceed with complete confidence as you safeguard vital data and business operations from external threats.


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