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The ability to seamlessly backup, protect and recover critical data is essential for investment management firms.

Eze Castle's online backup and recovery service, Eze Vault, provides investment firms a highly reliable and secure data backup and recovery solution that is professionally managed by Eze Castle Integration. Our team works with you to design a backup and recovery strategy, troubleshoot problems and ensure that restores are fast and reliable.

Eze Vault automatically protects desktops, laptops and servers according to your retention timetable. Your data is de-duplicated, compressed, encrypted and then securely transferred to a remote top-tier data center. Your data is safely offsite for assured data protection and easy regulatory compliance. You can monitor and manage everything via a Web browser and restoring is as easy as point-and-click.



Eze Vault Features 


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Professionally Managed by Eze Castle

Eze Castle handles the complete process, from initial setup and implementation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance, ensuring a client's data is always protected and available. Our engineers are available 24x7x365 to handle data recovery efforts. 


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Fully Automated & Continuous Backup

Eze Vault automatically and continuously protects data to help ensure complete recovery after a loss. With Eze Vault, a firm's backups are fully automated and occur over the Internet. There is no manual intervention required, so firms can focus on managing their assets.


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Rapid Recovery

Data corruption or inadvertent changes are common causes of data loss. To accelerate recovery, Eze Vault uses a unique delta restore technology that automatically recovers only the data that has changed since the last backup, rather than restoring the entire file or database.


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Highly Secure

To help ensure the highest levels of security throughout the entire backup process from transmission to recovery - Eze Vault encrypts all data at the source with a unique key. For an additional layer of protection, the service uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to the offsite storage facility.


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Complete Protection of Open Files and Databases

Eze Vault provides built-in support for open file and database backup without complex plug-ins, costly third-party tools or custom configurations. The service seamlessly backs up changing files and databases including Exchange and SQL so application data is continuously protected.


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Simple Web-based Management

With the Eze Vault management console, firms gain complete centralized control of backup functions. The web portal interface provides easy point-and-click access to data for simplified backup management and recovery.


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Retain, Protect, Manage

Eze Archiving Features

Email and Instant Messaging (IM) and social media are indispensable tools and the primary means by which investment management firms communicate with their clients and associates, and many of the same legal and regulatory standards regarding paper records now apply to email and IM.

Our archiving service, Eze Archive, makes it easy for investment firms to efficiently retain, protect, manage and ensure authenticity of records. Eze Archive, powered by Global Relay, stores all emails, IMs, and social media messages to provide funds with a SEC-compliant solution for alternative investment firms that securely and efficiently archives all fund communications.

Eze Archive Benefits



Advanced search and retrieval system provides rapid recovery of emails, IMs and social media messages


Archives can be accessed anywhere at any time -



Captures incoming and outgoing messages without interrupting live traffic



Flexible system allows employees to view/download messages in original formats


Stores messages per SEC guidance in a Write Once Read Many (WORM) format




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