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Four Step Guide to
Employee Security Awareness, Culture of Security

Employees can be a firm’s greatest asset and biggest weakness when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s because, even with sophisticated perimeter security and vigilant monitoring, a huge vulnerability, remains the people who use a firm’s IT systems to conduct transactions and access sensitive data.

Four Steps to Create an Internal Culture of Security for Hedge Fund Firms

In addition to technology safeguards, firms must Build an Employee Culture of Security that includes ongoing, organization-wide commitment to defining and adhering to careful, thoughtful policies that reduce or eliminate “people vulnerabilities” through assessments, awareness, and education.

Our latest whitepaper, Four Steps to Create an Employee Culture of Security, covers:

  • What is a Security-oriented Culture?
  • Creating a Computer Incident Response Team
  • Defining a Firm’s Security Terms, Expectations
  • Delivering Comprehensive Training
  • The Role of Third-Party Providers