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Video: How to Tackle Your Hedge Fund's Cybersecurity To-Do List

The Securities & Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent guidelines regarding cybersecurity have left investment management firms with a host of to-dos, including:

  1. Assess current internal cybersecurity practices.
  2. Shore up said practices to comply with provided guidance.
  3. Document practices as part of written information security plan.
  4. Evaluate your firm’s need for a cyber-liability policy to help mitigate future costs relative to security incidents.

Watch our video and listen to our expert speakers as they help you tackle this to-do list and provide guidance for hedge funds and investment firms on meeting the SEC’s most recent demands.

Featured speakers:

  • Eldon Sprickerhoff, Chief Security Strategist, eSentire
  • Steve Schoener, Vice President of Technology, Eze Castle Integration
  • Rick Maloy, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Maloy Risk Services