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Video Series:
Cloud Perspectives: How to Impress Investors, Security Pros and CFOs

Part 1: The Investor Perspective on Cloud & Security

We know a lot more about the cloud than we did five years ago. But are investors still concerned with funds leveraging cloud infrastructures?

Hear from Ashley Gimbel, Senior Vice President at Dyal Capital Partners, as she discusses the technology priorities hedge funds should have in place to secure investments, including:

  • Infrastructure: cloud vs. on-site?
  • Cybersecurity best practices
  • Evaluating service providers

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Part 2: Managing Risk & Protecting the Private Cloud

Hackers are more sophisticated than ever. And regulator and investor demands for transparency on the security front are increasing.

Hear from Steve Schoener, SVP of Technology, and Lisa Smith, Director of BCP/Data Privacy at Eze Castle Integration, as they discuss the cybersecurity landscape for hedge funds and offer best practices for meeting new demands. Our video includes discussion topics such as:

  • Risks in the cloud
  • Written Information Security Policies (WISP)
  • Creating and maintaining incident response plans
  • Delivering employee awareness training

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Part 3: Building the Operational Framework (a.k.a. Convincing Your CFO to Make a Cloud Migration)

As an IT Director or Chief Technology Officer, making the decision to migrate to the cloud is not always yours. Often, you have to convince a CFO or COO first.

Watch our video and hear from Chris Holden, Chief Financial Officer at Eze Castle Integration, as he explains the factors most important to C-level execs when it comes to the cloud and answers the following:

  • Is cost the most important factor when migrating to the cloud?
  • How should technology staff approach a CFO with the cloud argument?
  • What questions should IT staff expect to hear from a CFO/COO?

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