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Video: What's Your Cyber Security Action Plan?

Your firm's technology defenses will protect against many external security threats (think viruses, malware, etc.), but they'll do little to prevent the damage incurred by the people working right under your nose. Your employees are your weakest security link...but they don't have to be. 

In this video, speakers from Sadis & Goldberg and Eze Castle Integration discuss the changing regulatory landscape for hedge funds and investment advisers and outline practical and actionable tips for preparing, training and inspiring employees to protect your firm's assets. Among the topics covered: 

  • Current Risks and Regulatory Requirements
  • Risks Employees Pose to Firm Security
  • How to Make Employees a Cybersecurity Asset 
  • Protecting Against Malicious Employees
  • What Regulators Want to See Next

Watch the 1-hour video now.