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Whitepaper: Critical Cybersecurity Threats to Hedge Funds

Cybersecurity WhitepaperWith high-profile security breaches and vulnerabilities (think Heartbleed bug) making headlines, the SEC chimed in recently and held a roundtable to focus on its cybersecurity expectations for registered firms.

The whitepaper, Critical Cybersecurity Threats & How to Prepare in 2014, is a resource for investment firms looking to stay up-to-date on the industry landscape and ahead of impending cybersecurity risks. Read the complete report for details on:

  • The state of the industry
  • Highlights from the SEC cybersecurity roundtable, which signaled increased sweeps
  • A hacker's toolkit: cybersecurity threats to financial firms
  • Best practices for building a secure hedge fund
  • Cybersecurity incident response: what now?

Learn everything you need to know about the impact of cybersecurity threats on investment firms and how your firm can prepare today.

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