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Monterey Capital Management Partners with Eze Castle Integration to Leverage the Support of an Expert IT Helpdesk, Enabling Smooth Business Operations

Established Singapore-based Hedge Fund, Monterey Capital Management, partnered with Eze Castle Integration in 2012 to leverage the support of an expert IT helpdesk around-the-clock, 365 days a year. 

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                                    Hedge Fund                    Launched in 2008                   Singapore, SG                     

"Since launching the fund in 2008, we found that IT was becoming an integral part of our daily business operations, so, four years on we decided it was time to partner with a managed services provider, to ensure our firm and its users have all the support they need. We had already heard about Eze Castle Integration as many of our fellow industry funds and firms leverage their services. But, what truly appealed to us is Eze Castle Integration's vast experience in supporting hedge funds and the financial services sector specifically, as well as its industry reputation for delivering exceptional client service".

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“Five years on, partnering with Eze Castle Integration has enabled us to share the burden of making important IT decisions. As the trusted experts in their field, they have also helped us to align our IT with our overall business goals and strategy"

- Kentaro Nakata, Chief Operating Officer, Monterey Capital Management

How Eze Castle Integration Has Helped: From 24x7x365 IT Support to Hosting Emails and Applications via Microsoft Outlook 365.

Since partnering with Eze Castle Integration, Monterey Capital decided to migrate their emails to the cloud, via Microsoft Outlook 365, enabling the firm to securely support users in all locations, whether remote or in the office. With business applications hosted on the cloud too, Monterey Capital has been able to boost collaboration between users, as well as save time and money previously spent on server maintenance. The firm's disaster recovery practices are more effective knowing records are easily recoverable through leveraging the cloud for emails and applications.

Monterey Capital relies on Eze Castle Integration's team of IT professionals for helpdesk support 24x7x365. Not having to build and maintain an in-house IT team means the firm can focus solely on trading and investment, whilst knowing they have complete access to a team of seasoned IT experts to provide advice, solutions and support at any time. 

Future Plans

Monterey Capital is working with Eze Castle Integration to build out its IT roadmap. In addition to emails and applications, the firm is looking to deploy a complete migration to the cloud in the near future, to reduce dependency and costs associated with having hardware in the office. 

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