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Metrica Partners Teamed Up with Eze Castle Integration to Leverage an Outsourced IT Function as they Launched  their New Fund

Singapore-based hedge fund, Metrica Partners, partnered with Eze Castle Integration to leverage an outsourced IT function, as they launched their new fund.

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                                    Hedge Fund                    Launched in 2017                  Singapore, SG                     

“As a hedge fund, we operate in an industry where down time can jeopardise revenue and reputation. Thus, it was vital for us to find an established managed service provider to ensure uptime and operational efficiency. And, this is exactly what our partnership with Eze Castle Integration has delivered.

As a start-up fund of less than ten users, it made sense for us to partner with an IT provider who understands the hedge fund space and technology requirements right from the start. So, instead of employing and maintaining an in-house IT team, we decided it would be best to partner with Eze Castle Integration - they live and breathe IT. Eze Castle Integration is also our trusted partner when it comes to any due diligence around our technology and infrastructure, helping us to continue to win the trust of investors."

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“ Continued IT support, since the launch of our business, has enabled us to build and maintain a risk averse industry profile. In fact, in a recent power grid failure which affected the business district of Central Singapore, we were able to see Eze Castle Integration's business continuity plan in action and were proud to be one of the few firms in the area to remain connected and continue trading."

- David Mulvenna, Chief Operating Officer, Metrica Partners

How Eze Castle Integration Has Helped: From a New Office Build-Out to Eze Archiving and Vault Services, to the Eze Managed Suite.

Eze Castle Integration’s Project Technology Management team partnered with Metrica Partners in all aspects of building out their new office. The team handled the selection and installation of workstations, switches, firewalls, printers etc. Choosing to host their servers in Eze Castle Integration’s secure datacentre meant the firm was able to save on the cost and space associated with hosting servers onsite. This also adds an extra layer of security by making the physical equipment inaccessible for unauthorised personnel.

Metrica Partners leverages the Eze Managed Suite, which consists of private cloud, cybersecurity and business continuity services. The Eze Private Cloud provides the firm’s users access to key business applications, as well as secure files, emails and data. And, is enabled by Eze Castle Integration’s in-house fully managed infrastructure. As part of the suite, the firm can also count on the support of a highly knowledgeable Global Support Desk, which operates 24x7x365.

With Eze Archive and Eze Vault, Metrica Partners’ email and instant messaging traffic is securely archived, which means the firm can rest assured knowing that it can be retrieved at any time.

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