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Solaise Capital Management Relies on Eze Castle Integration for Bespoke IT Solutions Throughout  Journey of Growth and Expansion

Solaise Capital Management, a systematic asset management firm, partnered with Eze Castle Integration in its initial start-up phase in 2011. Getting support with their technical operations meant the firm was able to hit the ground running without having to worry about the technological side of running a new firm.

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Systematic Asset Management          Launched in 2010                      London                    $35m AUM

"Over the past seven years, the team at Eze Castle Integration has provided our firm with consistent support and bespoke solutions tailored to our evolving business needs. They've helped us with our office move, stored our infrastructure safely and provided highly secure managed cloud services. We've found a happy medium in outsourcing our IT operations to Eze Castle Integration. As the experts in their field, we can completely rely on them to take care of the all-important IT aspect of our business, whilst keeping us in the loop through regular communication. Thus, we've been able to maintain complete control over all aspects of the running of our business".

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“Partnering with Eze Castle Integration has enabled our firm to focus on what we do best. It's nice to know that we can rely on them to advise us on all things IT related, whilst we put our efforts into growing our business"

- Mark Snelling, Chief Technology Officer, Solaise Capital Management

How Eze Castle Integration Has Helped: From Private Cloud, Secure Archiving and Colocation Services, to Cybersecurity.

Over the past seven years, Solaise has relied on Eze Castle Integration to consistently deliver secure IT services, and consultancy to help run their business operations effectively and efficiently.

The Eze Private Cloud provides the firm’s users access to secure files, emails and data, enabled by Eze Castle Integration’s in-house fully-managed infrastructure. In addition to this, the firm can count on the support of a highly knowledgeable Global Support Desk, which operates 24x7x365. With Eze Archive, Solaise can rest assured that all the firm’s email and instant messaging traffic is securely and efficiently archived.

Additionally, Solaise’s partnership with Eze Castle Integration has meant that cybersecurity threats are one less thing for the firm to worry about. Solaise has access to the support and guidance of expert consultants, who develop and maintain plans to ensure the firm is well-equipped to deal with any incidents or attacks.

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