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We know what it takes to keep your firm running successfully and provide all the benefits of a highly developed internal IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our vast knowledge base assures that someone on our team has addressed nearly every conceivable issue your investment firm will face. If you need a custom-built technical solution or simply want to explore new technology, you can tap into our entire IT organization.

At Eze Castle, our entire team becomes part of your team. In fact, more than 650 hedge funds and private equity firms rely on Eze Castle to be their single source for hedge fund IT services and technology solutions.

Award-winning Client Support

Eze Castle offers varying levels of support agreements which are uniquely customized to fit a client’s needs. All include quality, timely and professional support, as well as live 24x7x365 global help desk access. In 2012, our team won the prestigious Help Desk Institute Team Excellence Award, recognizing our outstanding client support, commitment to excellence and focus on continual improvement.

Dedicated On-site Engineer

Eze Castle can place one or more technology professionals at your firm on a full-time basis. You receive all the benefits of a regular support contract plus the presence of an Eze Castle engineer to assist you at all times. Our highly trained and certified IT professional engineers will look and feel like employees of your firm, without taking up any of your time in HR-related tasks such as interviewing, hiring, training or providing performance reviews.

Account Management

Account managers are assigned to all clients with a monthly service agreement or dedicated on-site Eze Castle engineer. Your account manager will ensure your initiatives are coordinated, designed and implemented to your every requirement. Regular meetings are scheduled to discuss technology questions, budgeting, outstanding issues, new ideas and software or hardware upgrades. Your account manager can also act as the primary contact with your third-party vendors, saving you time and money.

Support & Maintenance

After go-live, Eze Castle provides continuous, comprehensive and cost-effective support that helps ensure maximum system performance, reliability and availability.

Eight Considerations for Evaluating
Outsourced Hedge Fund IT Providers

Checkmark1. Breadth of Solutions

Does the IT provider offer all of the solutions and services necessary to encompass all aspects of the technology foundation required to help your firm operate effectively and efficiently? These can vary depending on your firm’s specific business requirements, but may include such solutions as private cloud services, application hosting, backup & recovery services, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, email & IM archiving, telcom services, consulting and project management.


Checkmark2. Depth & Quality of Staff

When selecting an outsourced IT provider, it is crucial to understand who you will potentially be working with. Is the organization led by a seasoned, reputable management team? Do they employ a skilled technical staff of engineers and analysts to assist with all stages of your infrastructure build-out and maintenance? What pertinent technical certifications do they hold? Are they available 24x7x365 if you experience an issue?


Checkmark3. Experience in Deployment

Does the service provider have deep experience in deploying these types of solutions and services in an investment management environment? Do they have experience working with funds of all sizes, from small start-ups to large, well-established firms? There are numerous outsourced IT providers out there, but be sure to select one that is experienced in deploying systems that are specific to your industry and has a solid understanding of your business environment.


Checkmark4. Project Management Experience

Will your firm receive the benefits of a dedicated project manager and accompanying staff to ensure that your initiatives are coordinated, designed, and implemented to your exact unique requirements? For instance, if you choose to relocate offices, does the provider have the expertise and experience to facilitate this process?


Checkmark5. Hosted/Private Cloud Infrastructure Options

Cloud computing is now the de facto infrastructure choice for hedge funds and private equity firms. Look for a provider that offers a robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure model. Also, ensure that the infrastructure is maintained by a team of highly trained and certified professionals with experience in financial services operations. Tier II or III data centers that are SSAE-16 or SOC2 certified should be used to host your firm’s critical data.


Checkmark6. Disaster Recovery Policies & Procedures

Does the provider maintain contingency plans or disaster recovery plans with proper risk controls designed to allow continued performance and availability at all times? How will the provider ensure that your data is secure, protected, and accessible even in the event of a disaster?


Checkmark7. Vendor Relationships

Does the organization have strong vendor relationships in place that will allow them to leverage the benefits of best-in-class third-party providers on your behalf? Strategic partnerships with top-tier technology companies are crucial to maintaining a world-class IT environment for your firm.


Checkmark8. Geographic Reach

Does the hedge fund IT provider have offices dispersed in different areas of the country and around the world? Do they employ financial IT support staff in different time zones to ensure that assistance is available to you 24x7x365? If your firm has multiple offices, or is considering opening more in the future, ensure that you will be able to use that provider to service all regions, thereby streamlining costs and increasing efficiency.

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