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Eze Castle Data Center Locations; managed hedge fund officeBuilding out a server room or Comm. Room is a costly and time-intensive process that many firms in today’s environment opt to avoid. Eze Castle Integration's colocation facilities offer a solution. 

Eze Colocation offers professionally managed, SAS 70 Type II or SSAE-16 compliant data center facilities that are highly redundant, secure and close in proximity to financial hubs. With Eze Colocation, a firm can house its computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure in a Tier II or III facility that is highly secure, redundant and professionally managed and monitored by our technology experts. Our data center facilities are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure clients’ sensitive data and infrastructures remain safe and secure.

Eze Castle Integration has colocation facilities in Boston, New York, New Jersey, London, Sacramento, Singapore, Slough (UK) and Hong Kong.  

The Benefits of Eze Colocation

Eze Colocation facilities permit you to quickly acquire the data center space you need and provide the flexibility to expand your technology infrastructure as your firm grows – and the best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger.

This approach also allows firms to reduce the capital and operational expenses required to house and protect mission-critical applications and systems.

Eze Colocation facilities feature on-site redundant power sources and redundant back-up generators to sustain power in the event of an outage. Redundancy is built into the network connections as well as the heating and cooling systems to maintain a consistent and optimal environment.

Key attributes of the Eze Colocation facilities include:

  • Tier II and III class facilities
  • N+1 infrastructure redundancy throughout
  • Multiple entry fiber paths and unsurpassed diversity through numerous network providers
  • Fully redundant HVAC and fire suppression systems
  • Multiple power grids for redundant power
  • Floor-load capacity of up to 150 pounds per square foot
  • Line of site for rooftop antennas
  • 24-hour manned security, cameras and digital monitoring
  • Multiple on-site generators and up to 24 days’ worth of fuel supply

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Data Sheet: Eze Colocation

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Eze Colocation Benefits

Checkmark; managed hedge fund office; Hedge Fund ITRedundancy

Eze Colocation data centers are housed in Tier II and III class facilities that meet N+1 certification requirements for additional redundancy. This ensures an added layer of protection is built into network connections as well as heating, cooling and power systems for maximum bandwidth and protection.


Checkmark; managed hedge fund office; Hedge Fund ITSecurity

Data centers employ a range of security measures including 24x7x365 manned security, cameras and digital monitoring as well as intrusion detection and prevention systems.


Checkmark; managed hedge fund office; Hedge Fund IT ServicesCost-effectiveness

Eze Colocation can reduce the expenses traditionally associated with hosting and managing equipment on-site in a server or Comm. Room.


Checkmark; managed hedge fund office; Hedge Fund IT servicesFlexibility

Firms can easily increase and adjust their infrastructure without the worry of expanding a Comm. Room. Eze Colocation also provides a central hub for all of a firm’s many locations, meaning a firm can relocate or open a new office without concern, as all back-end infrastructure is centrally and safely located offsite.


Checkmark; managed hedge fund office; Hedge Fund ITSupport & Monitoring

Eze Castle Integration actively monitors its colocation facilities on a round-the-clock basis and is automatically notified of any issues, allowing us to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner and ensure smooth operations for our clients.