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Cyber security threats facing the hedge fund and private equity industry are intensifying as is the focus of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and National Futures Association to ensure firms are prepared and have comprehensive information security programs in place. To assist, Eze Castle Integration offers: 

hedge fund cybersecurity plan; Cybersecurity Threat Prevention; eSentire intrusion detectionEze Information Security Policies: Development, implementation and audits of written information security plans and procedures for hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices and alternative investment management firms. 

Eze Written Information Cybersecurity Plans 
Development, Implementation, Maintenance & Auditing

Eze Castle’s Written Information Security Plan Service (Eze WISP) covers creation, implementation, maintenance and auditing of information security policies and plans. Our team works with clients to outline and document the administrative and technical safeguards in place to ensure confidential data is protected. We also conduct information security plan audits of existing documentation and information security training for employees.

Sample Technical Cybersecurity Protections:

  • Assessment of technical safeguards (i.e., penetration testing, email encryption, software patches, vulnerability assessments, firewalls, etc.)
  • Evaluation of technical policies/Cybersecurity Tracking Sheet (i.e., strong password policy, access controls, USB policy, hard copy documentation policy, etc.)
  • If needed, implementation of additional technical safeguards

Sample Administrative Cybersecurity Safeguards:

  • Defines confidential data
  • How confidential data is protected
  • Where confidential data is located (i.e., shared drive, externally hosted, hard copy format, etc.)
  • Who has access to confidential data and do they have a business need
  • Roles and responsibilities for responding to a data breach or cybersecurity incident
  • Internal and external communication procedures for responding to an incident
  • Employee responsibilities and training

Download our Eze WISP DATA SHEET HERE.


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