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Eze Dark Web Monitoring Service


 24x7 Dark Web Monitoring to Reduce Account Takeover

User credentials (i.e. username/password) are for sale across the Dark Web - going to the highest bidder. As a result, account takeover (ATO) instances are increasing at an alarming rate. 

To stop this threat, firms must monitor the Dark Web and respond. Enter Eze Dark Web Monitoring, a cost-efficient deterrent to ATO activities. Cybersecurity intelligence analysts monitor the dark web 24x7 to deliver these benefits:

  • Reduced account takeover risk
  • Regulatory due diligence requirements
  • Deep “after the breach” scrutiny avoided
  • Business reputation and relationships remain untarnished

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Dark Web Monitoring

 Let us find your user's credentials before the criminals do!

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How It Works

  • Eze Castle leverages SpyCloud’s Active Directory (AD) Guardian to monitor the dark web to see if client watchlist assets (IP addresses, e-mail addresses, domains) are exposed.
  • Each exposed credential is then checked against the client’s AD deployment to see if the exposed credential is that of an active user.
  • If there is a match on an active user's credentials, the user’s "reset password on next login" AD flag is set to ‘yes’, thus blocking ATO attempts using the compromised credentials.
  • Clients are immediately notified of the activities and the end user is forced to reset their password.

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