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Archive Services for Email, IM & Social Media


Email and Instant Messaging (IM) are indispensable tools and the primary means by which hedge fund and private equity firms communicate with their clients and associates. Email is largely accepted as legally compliant, and many of the same legal and regulatory standards regarding paper records now apply to email and IM. 

Additionally, in today's changing environment, social media is becoming an important avenue through which firms collect and exchange information, therefore, it is essential firms archive messages from their social media accounts.

Without an archive solution that efficiently and effectively retains and retrieves email and IM records, the average investment firm risks high costs and difficulty fulfilling discovery and compliance obligations.

Our archiving service, Eze Archive, makes it easy for investment firms to efficiently retain, protect, manage and ensure authenticity of records. Eze Archive, powered by Global Relay, stores all emails, IMs, and social media messages to provide funds with a SEC-compliant solutions for Hedge Funds and alternative investment firms that securely and efficiently archives all fund communications.

Eze Archive Benefits

Eze Archive - Search and Retrieval; Hedge fund archivingAdvanced search and retrieval system provides rapid recovery of emails, IMs and social media messages

Eze Archive - 24x7 access; Hedge fund archiving

Archives can be accessed anywhere at any time -- 24x7x365                      

Eze Archive - Message Traffic; Hedge fund archiving

Captures incoming and outgoing messages without interrupting live traffic

Eze Archive - Original Format; Hedge fund archiving

Flexible system allows employees to view/download messages in original formats 

Eze Archive - SEC approved storage; Hedge fund archiving

Stores messages per SEC guidance in a Write Once Read Many (WORM) format

How Eze Archive Works

How Eze Archive Works

Eze Archive works by automatically capturing incoming and outgoing messages behind the scenes and transferring them to an offsite highly secure, third-party archive facility where they can be retained for between three and seven years.

Once captured, copies of every message are archived on a client's dedicated offsite server. The use of a dedicated server aligns with regulators' preferred archival method because it virtually eliminates concerns or questions surrounding the potential intermingling of customer data. In addition, if a shared server is seized as evidence, both the data of the customer in question as well as any other customer's data that resides on the same server is taken.

Following SEC guidance, archived messages are retained in a non-alterable and non-erasable format on permanent media known as WORM (Write Once Read Many). This method prevents changes to archived data and helps ensure message integrity.

Following archival, messages are available and accessible to authorized employees 24x7x365 via a protected website. To enable effortless and efficient searches, Eze Archive uses the latest information searching and sorting mechanisms, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), which understands the nuances of sentence structure.

In addition, search and retrieval can be based on a wide range of criteria including date, time, sender, receiver, type, status, group, or indexed entities in the header, body or any attachment.